As search engines cannot index emails, businesses may wonder what emails have to do with SEO. Email marketing may not directly influence SEO but it is possible to use it to drive traffic to your website.

Emails are one of the best ways to communicate with a targeted audience and increase reach. This can indirectly influence your rankings in the search engines. As email marketing and SEO both drive people to your website, using them together can help you to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Post a preview of blog content in email newsletters

By posting a preview of a blog post, readers of an email newsletter can go to your website to check out the blog post. This drives highly targeted traffic to your website.

This means that the people going to your website are already interested in the type of content you provide and are less likely to bounce and go to another site to find what they are looking for.

The HTML template for your emails should harmonize with your blog in terms of fonts and colors. The standard structure of the preview would be the title of the blog post, a short, catchy description and a CTA button with “read more” and a link to the page. SEO for Growth gives advice on the best SEO courses and online training programs.

Discover searcher intent behind queries

Google wants to show searchers results that are most relevant to what they are searching for. This means figuring out the intent behind the query. You can use email marketing to do this.

All you need to do is to send a survey to your email subscribers asking them questions about their fears, challenges and desires relating to a specific topic. Based on their answers, you can write content that connects well with their intent.

Use social share buttons in email newsletters

When you send out an email with social share buttons, it can encourage your subscribers to share content. A good place to add social media share buttons is in the footer of the email.

Include a CTA asking them to share the email with their close circles improves the chances that they will do so. Shares help to generate more social engagement. Engagement on social media also improves your reach, generates more website traffic and indirectly affects your rankings in a positive way.

Deliver personalized content

In order to deliver personalized content, you will need to segment your email subscribers. There are many email marketing software programs that help you to do this.

When people receive personalized content, they are more likely to respond to it because it is created to appeal specifically to them. To figure out what subscribers want, you can use email polls or surveys. Personalized content improves its relevance and makes subscribers more likely to click or share. This can increase traffic and improve search engine rankings.

Ask for reviews

Asking subscribers to your email list for reviews can be helpful, particularly for a local business as reviews are an important ranking factor when it comes to local SEO. Not only do they help with local SEO but they can help to win the trust of other customers.

Many consumers rely on reading reviews to find out more about a company before doing business with it. You can even use CTAs in your newsletter, asking subscribers to write reviews on third-party sites. Reviews can also offer insights into what customers appreciate about your business and give you an idea of where you may need to put in more effort.

5 Ways to Combine Email Marketing and SEO