If you’re struck with wanderlust, you’re not alone. Students usually cannot wait for their spring or summer breaks to get on the road and start a new adventure. Collage is the perfect time to experiment and try things that take you out of your comfort zone. College life limits your possibility to travel because you’re tight on money, but it can provide you with travel-on-a-budget opportunities if you know where to look. For example, you can join a travel group and spend each of your holidays in an exotic place together with a group passionate about exploring new places. 

Before graduating and getting overwhelmed with searching for a job and deciding where you’ll live in the following years, you should make a travel bucket list with destinations you want to visit. Travelling around the world would make your college years epic. After four years of hard work, you’ll have a diploma and memories for a lifetime. Don’t settle down with spending your student days on the campus and the holidays at your parents’ house. The world is at your fingertips, and the hardest part is to pick your destination

New York City

If you haven’t been to New York before, do it while you’re still in college. Convince your friends to explore the Big Apple together because the city can provide you with some unique and iconic experiences. There’s a reason why so many people travel the world to see New York; it has something to offer to anyone, no matter their tastes. You can have a walk through Central Park and stay on a bench close to the lake while feeding the ducks, to admire the beauty of nature in the middle of a jungle of concrete. Or if you saved some cash, shop in Times Square because you’ll definitely find a gift for all your friends. Have a group photo by the Statue of Liberty and lay on the grass in the nearby park. And if you’re looking for some fun in the night, catch a Broadway show. Before you leave the city, eat an authentic New York pizza, we promise you’ll want to come back for another slice. 

There’s no more thrilling nightlife than the one from New York, so don’t plan to sleep too much during this trip because, in NYC, you won’t get to the hotel till the morning. You’re travelling to the city that never sleeps, so expect to use your hotel room for nothing else than changing your clothes and taking a shower. 


A trip to Iceland isn’t for the ones who prefer warm temperatures and cocktails on the beach. Expect to experience chilly temperatures even if you’re visiting it during the hot season. But if you’re willing to add some layers under your garments to keep you warm, Iceland has a lot to offer. The place was unknown to tourists a few years ago, but it became insanely popular since travel bloggers have discovered its hidden beauties. Iceland has stunning outdoor scenery, especially if you visit it during the months when the northern lights play the most enchanting show on the night sky. If you travel with a group, rent a car because it’s the most affordable transportation mean. Plus, you’ll need it to get from a place to another because Iceland still lacks complex public transportation. In fact, they don’t need it because the local population is scarce. 

If you visit the Blue Lagoon, take a swimsuit with you because you’ll definitely want to take a dip in hot water. And keep your beanie on because to keep your head warm because the temperatures are chilling low during the winter months. Supposing you feel adventurous, hike out to the Gullfoss and Skagafoss waterfalls. 

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Visit the places where the King in the North has filmed the epic scenes. Local companies organise tours for tourists who want to see the locations where Game of Thrones was filmed. 

Backpack around Europe

No idea what to do during your summer vacation. Put everything you need in a backpack, buy a plane ticket to Europe, and explore the continent on foot. Whether you have two weeks or three months, the old continent is a killer destination for students searching for a unique adventure. You can start the trip in the iconic London, watch a performance in Hyde Park, visit Westminster (the home for the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben), and if you’re not afraid, hop in the London 

Eye to view the city from a magic Ferris wheel. Your next destination should be Rome with its numerous museums, religious buildings, palaces, and Rome Colosseum. The Rome Colosseum is an iconic landmark in Europe, and you shouldn’t leave the city before visiting it. don’t forget to book Colosseum Tours with a reliable local agency. 

You can continue your backpack trip around Europe to some budget destinations like Budapest, Prague, Transylvania, and Sofia from Rome. 

New Zealand

Before you graduate, travel across the globe and have a two-week vacation in New Zealand. The place has plenty to offer, from bungee-jumping and other extreme sports to skiing and breath-taking places where to camp. If you’re a winter sports fan, get your ski equipment and book accommodation for a week in Queenstown, the site is famous for its high-quality slopes. 

New Zealand is the perfect destination for student groups because it hosts numerous adventure sports. Get your friends and go kayaking in Milford Sound. Make sure to book the trip with a local company to explore the river in safe conditions because the last thing you want is to get injured in a foreign country. 

If your budget allows, take a heli-tour to Franz glaciers, or even better, enrol in a glacier hiking trip to Fox. Supposing you prefer a more relaxing vacation, visit Waiheke Island and spend a day wine-tasing. And of course, for the Lord of the Rings fans, the Hobbiton is a must-see destination. 

Here is your bucket list of travel destinations before graduation. Are you ready to thick some places?

Bucket list travel destinations before graduation