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Thanks for visiting! Please see the about page for more about me as well as my personal website at greptilian.com. As of this writing I work at IQSS on Dataverse. I like it there. 🙂

This being the first post and all, I guess I can get a little meta. I created a blog here at blogs.harvard.edu because of the retirement of the hosting I was using previously. Hosting at scholar.harvard.edu was suggested to me but I was turned off by the description on the homepage that read, “OpenScholar@Harvard is a free web site building tool available to faculty, graduate students and visiting scholars at Harvard.” I’m a staff member and I while I appreciate research, scholarship, and science generally, I don’t consider myself a scholar. I don’t really consider myself much of a blogger either but when I googled for “Harvard blogs” I was happy to discover that I had missed the news that blogs.law.harvard.edu had dropped “law” from the URL, becoming this site. I think it’s fantastic that Harvard is offering a blogging platform for anyone with a harvard.edu address. Thanks!

Technically, I still have an old blog at people.fas.harvard.edu/~pdurbin/blog but I haven’t updated it since I switched to my current job in late 2012. Also, there’s a blog for my current project at dataverse.org/blog but I’m not the one who writes those posts. I’m sure I’d be welcome to be a guest blogger there but I like having my own space to have my own voice. For example, I’m considering giving a talk at the Harvard IT Summit some day but I thought that perhaps I would start with a blog post to gauge interest in various topics and reach a wider audience.

Oh, I don’t plan to enable comments on this blog. If you spot a typo or otherwise want to reach me, my contact information is on my about page.

Phew. I think that’s enough meta for now. 🙂

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