All images presented at Pecha Kucha Harvard will be uploaded to Flickr.

1. If you do not already have a Flickr login, sign up for an account.

Flickr was acquired by Yahoo in March 2005. As of March 2007, all Flickr accounts must be associated with a Yahoo account. You may use an existing Yahoo account or create a new Yahoo account just for Flickr.

2. Login to Flickr.

3. Upload your own photos. Upload full resolution images.

For other photos, you may search for Creative Commons photos on Flickr or freely usable photos on Wikimedia Commons.

You MUST label your image titles as “01”, “02”, “03”, “04”, etc. You MAY add more information to your titles, such as “01 Aerial View”, “02 Elevation Detail”, etc. You MUST order your 20 images in your Flickr set in that order, 01, 02 … 20.

For the “Add tags for ALL these images” field, enter:
pechakucha harvard harvardgsd gsd pkh2
Feel free to add additional tags relevant to your presentation.

Click upload.

4. Rinse and repeat. The web form allows only six photos at a time.

5. After you have uploaded all 20 photos, create a Flickr set. You may use the Flickr organizer or click the arrow next to “You” and then select “Your Sets”. The name of your set is the name of your presentation. Your presentation must have exactly 20 images.

6. License your photos.

Pecha Kucha Harvard recommends that you license your photos under a Creative Commons license. This will allow magazines, newspapers and blogs to reproduce your images, under the terms that you specify, without relying on fair use. You may use the Flickr organizer or edit each photo individually.

7. Join the Pecha Kucha Harvard 2 group and add all your photos to the group pool. This group pool will contain all the speakers images.

8. Whew! You now have 20 images on Flickr ready for the Pecha Kucha Harvard event!

9. Last but not least, Flickr is a social photo uploading site. Browse the group members and add your friends and colleagues as Flickr contacts.

Please contact the organizers with any questions.

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