Speakers need to provide the following:

Information printed exactly as it should appear on the event program, poster, etc:
(1) Speaker name
(2, optional) Company and/or affliation
(3, optional) Website links

If a talk has more than one speaker, please provide information for each speaker.

(4) Of course, a set of exactly 20 digitial images.

The digital images need to be in JPG or PNG format, exactly 1280×1024 pixels in landscape orientation. If your image is portrait orientation, add a (typically black or white) canvas padding in GIMP or Photoshop.

Make sure your images are RGB color, not CYMK color. The projector will not properly display CYMK color!

Name your files exactly 01.jpg, 02.jpg … 20.jpg. Put your images in a folder with your name, zip the folder and email to  pecha.kucha.boston at gmail.com.

Questions? Contact Brett Stilwell.

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