“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” — attribute to Frederick Douglas, Unsourced


Usually upbeat; saddened by the reports of books being banned in prisons across the country. See article here.

In doing so, we’re depriving these men and women of the only weapon they have to rise above their circumstances—socio-cultural and intellectual capital by means of books.

If our system were really interested in rehabilitating men and women who are incarcerated, they would not only not ban books, but also explicitly use them as an instrument against the many maladies to which these folk have been subjected.

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I am very excited to start blogging again. I want to use this space to share research in the social and the behavioral sciences that I find meaningful. I will be sharing papers, but also, occasionally, a note or two on practice. Education and the justice system greatly excite me; to that end, most of what I write about and/or share will be, institutionally, about these two contexts.

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