~ Archive for May 8, 2004 ~

Maybe AIDS was intentionally created


It is often reported that many Africans believe that AIDS was intentionally created by the CIA or some other American government agency with an animus toward black people.  My week in the Amazon jungle among the macaws has raised the idea that perhaps these folks are partially right.

The fundamental problem facing wildlife worldwide is habitat destruction due to the growth of human population.  Ecologists have figured out that creating a handful of tiny reserves doesn’t actually do much to prevent extinction but merely delays the inevitable.  Each tiny reserve functions like a land-bridge island and eventually most of the species go extinct.

Scientists claim that humans contracted HIV from monkeys.  Monkeys in Africa are endangered by a human population that was/is breeding out of control.  Fundamentally the only way for monkeys to save their habitat and therefore themselves is to kill as many humans as possible and prevent the remainder from breeding.  It would be evolutionarily adaptive for a wild animal in Africa to create a deadly virus and pass it to the humans who are destroying his habitat.

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