~ Archive for June 25, 2004 ~

The source of Harvard’s wealth


Just back from a trip to New York City.  Richard and I flew back from Teterboro airport in his fire-breathing turbocharged Mooney.  It was JFK, Jr.-style haze all the way to Boston and a fair amount of time inside actual clouds.  I’m studying to become a flight instructor so I did 30 minutes of instrument flying from the right seat, craning my neck to see the instruments that are placed in front of the left seat.  As we drove back to my apartment it was nice to see how much progress Harvard is making on a $100 million construction project two blocks from where I live.  They tore down two 30-40-year-old faculty and research office buildings and are rebuilding them exactly the same size but more opulent.

After I’d carted my purchases from New York’s Strand Bookstore upstairs I turned on my PC, still wondering how an organization could grow so rich that they could afford to tear down buildings every 30 years.  Waiting in my inbox was the following email:

“As many of you know, I’ve been entertaining the thought of moonlighting this summer as a stripper to earn more money to pay for school in the fall…”

Our friend will be writing Harvard a check for almost $33,000 in September (tuition plus “health fees”).

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