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Alex and the new neighbor (slide show)


What happens when a 13-week-old Golden Retriever comes to visit from next door?  Check out this new slide show to find out.

 http://philip.greenspun.com/images/20060… is my traditional interface to photos.]

Canon EOS System Explained and experience with rentacoder.com


I’ve completed an article for people who are building a Canon EOS system.  I call it “Canon EOS System Explained”.  One interesting aspect of this article is that I needed to get together data on all the components of the EOS system, i.e., the bodies, lenses, and flashes.  For each item, I needed the full name, the price, and the serial number on Amazon.com (so that people could click through and see reader reviews, buy the item, etc.).  I estimated that it would take me 10 hours to assemble these data by clicking around at Amazon.  It is a bit more involved than you’d think because for many of these items, Amazon requires you to “add item to cart to see price”.  Anyway, I put the project up on www.rentacoder.com and a guy from Pakistan did the job in two days for $10.  He made only a couple of mistakes.

I would appreciate comments/corrections on this draft article.  What is confusing?  What should I say more about?  Where are the typos?

Thanks in advance!

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