Tax dollars used to hunt for ibuprofen

This New York Times story on the strip-search of a 13-year-old girl, now the subject of a Supreme Court case, interviews a lot of folks on the subject of whether it is reasonable to humiliate an honors student denounced by a classmate.  The school “suspected her of having brought prescription-strength ibuprofen pills to school. One of the pills is as strong as two Advils.”

Nowhere in this story is the humble taxpayer mentioned.  People who are struggling to feed their families, who have been laid off from their jobs, or who work double shifts are being taxed to pay government employees to search 13-year-olds for Advil.  (A Google search for “ibuprofen abuse” reveals no situations in which anyone was able to get high off Advil, a drug much more likely to appeal to senior citizens in any case.)

We couldn’t afford the wars on marijuana, heroin, or cocaine.  Now we are going to be taxed for a war on Advil?

[Note:  my economic recovery plan proposes abandoning the war on drugs.  It never occurred to me that the war had gotten this deep.]

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  1. Tim Mills

    March 25, 2009 @ 1:13 am


    So much for the concern that home-schooling robs students of the social interaction and experiences that they would have in public school.

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