Blending Art Forms: Communing with the Divine [Allah] through a Mixed Expression of Calligraphy and Music

 Rumi, the famous 13th-century Persian poet, believed that music is divine and helps uplift people. Although some Muslims argue that Quran recitations and worshipping of Allah should not be associated with music, I believe that there is great power and merit in connecting with Allah through music. Music, as Rumi would agree, enables listeners to experience the sound of the Divine captured through the beauty and aesthetics of the melody. Through music, the human soul is taken into a trance in which one can connect with Allah on a deeper level and reflect upon His sacred word.

My calligraphic design resembles a staff with musical notation, similar to what you would see on a song sheet. Embedded in the first set of large music notes is the Arabic script of Allah’s name. The smaller notes that follow are meant to be aesthetic add-ins that represent the embellishment involved in music that leaves interpretation up to each individual worshipper. However, one thing remains constant — the focus on Allah. Hence why the beginning of the musical notation connects the audience with Allah right away, then leading them into a spiritual daze as the staff descends into a swirl.

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