Why has the Bush Administration mobilized on HIV/AIDS?

Why did the Bush Administration mobilize on HIV/AIDS. In a previous post, I referenced Greg Behrman’s book and a Foreign Affairs article that discussed how Christian conservatives have increasingly mobilized on foreign policy issues. They are a new force in American foreign policy that are leading to cross-ideological coalitions with liberals. Allen Hertzke documents the […]

More on African militaries, AIDS, and the Security Threat

I posted a comment on TPM Cafe about the link between AIDS and U.S. National Security. Here it is: The hollowing out of African militaries due to AIDS is a significant problem, and one that, as the author points out, bodes ill for peace-keeping operations as well as African solutions for African problems. What this […]

Antiretrovirals in the Developing World

I found this disturbing piece of information in the Annex to the recent UNAIDS report on the financial needs to scale up global efforts to combat the disease. This is the added years of life for people on antriretroviral drugs (ARVs): The additional years lived with antiretroviral therapy are assumed to be four-to-six and six-to-nine […]