Helen Epstein’s Essays

Here is a link to all of Helen Epstein’s essays in the New York Review of Books dating back to 1998. Pretty great resource, even though I sharply disagree with her warning about large-scale external assistance. She has a book coming out later this year.

Concurrency and a Campaign for Serial Faithfulness

I have been reading a lot of Helen Epstein’s journalism on HIV/AIDS (she’s also here at Princeton at the Center for Health and Well-Being. While I disagree with her assessment that large-scale foreign assistance programs are doomed to failure (see my comments here), I found her work on “concurrency” or the profusion of long-run polygamous […]

Robert Gallo praises PEPFAR, dismisses Duesberg

I attended a conference at Princeton this week in which eminent scientists discussed the state of efforts to develop a vaccine for the virus that causes AIDS as well as other treatment and prevention technologies like new anti-retrovirals, microbicides and male circumcision. It was a very interesting workshop, giving me a greater appreciation of the […]

Robert Gallo praises PEPFAR, dismisses Duesberg

I attended a recent event at Princeton where a number of eminent scientists reviewed the state of what we know about the virus, a possible vaccine and different treatment and prevention strategies to limit the disease’s spread. From what I heard, it sounds like the science of making a vaccine for HIV/AIDS is particularly difficult, […]