New APSA/ISA papers

We’ve compiled a number of new papers from recent conferences of the American Political Science Association (APSA) and the International Studies Association (ISA). Older papers are available here.

– Barnes, Nielan. U.S.-Mexico Collaboration: The Role of Transnational Networks in Shaping Community-Based Responses to HIV/AIDS. 2006 ISA Conference. pdf

– Burchardt, Marian. Western Science vs. Local Moralities? Foreign Aid in the Struggle against HIV/AIDS and its Impact on Moral Orders. ISA 2006. pdf

– de Mello e Souza, Andre. Drugs for All: The Policy and Politics of AIDS Treatment in Brazil. ISA 2007. pdf

– Dietrich, John W. U.S. International AIDS Programs: A New Model of Humanitarian Initiatives? ISA 2006. pdf

– Huckel, Carmen. Global Governance Institutions Managing Global Public Health: Opportunities and Challenges. ISA 2006. pdf

– Kravtsov, Vlad. HIV/AIDS Regime Participants, Their Norms and Blocked Cooperation in Response to HIV/AIDS. ISA 2006. pdf

– McInnes, Colin. An immaculate construction? The securitisation of HIV/AIDS. ISA 2006. pdf

– Vieira, Marco Antonio. The Securitization of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic as a Norm: A Contribution to the Constructivist Scholarship on the Emergence and Diffusion of International Norms. 2006 ISA. pdf

– Youde, Jeremy.Ideology’s Role in AIDS Policies in South Africa and Uganda. 2006 ISA conference pdf

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