Life insurance for HIV+ in South Africa

I belatedly discovered podcasts in my final weeks in Mbarara (Uganda) last December.  Two series, PRI radio programs on Health and Technology, have short stories that may interest readers.  The Health coverage includes a subset of HIV-specific podcasts.

One story from March 2007 reported on the new life insurance market for HIV+ residents in South Africa signaling a dramatic shift in access to HIV treatment. Interestingly, life insurance can be one requirement for securing a home mortgage.  According to the report, until recently without a life insurance policy, even well-off HIV+ individuals would have had a more difficult time trying to buy a home.

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2 Responses to “Life insurance for HIV+ in South Africa”

  1. Interesting. I had no idea that having HIV meant that it was harder to get a mortgage to buy a home. Sad.

  2. Does that mean that anyone who has ever tested positive, even though in remission, has this same problem? If someone has the money to meet the financial requirements(income and down payment), what difference is anything else?