Minecraft is awesome, you’ll love it.

So I just started working on Minecraft: Official Game Book and I have to say that this game is awesome. For those of you that have seen the Hulk movie and remember thinking “whoa” at his building-high jumps, has MS got a game for you!


The premise of the game aside – superhero cops clean up crime infested cities – the game has some things in common with GTA-like sandbox games. Large sprawling cities, pedestrians and gangs roaming about, cars begging to be commandeered, tons of weapons, etc… what stands out for me however is the superb aiming system, its stylish look, and verticality.


The aiming system is superb. You can lock on to enemies with the left trigger and choose particular body parts by using the right thumbstick. Of course, standard reticule laws apply; the smaller the reticule the more accurate the shot. Similarly, you can lock on particular parts of a vehicle and target them (gas tanks = head shots).


So far though, the most impressive thing about this game is its verticality. You’re not only freed from having to “car-jack” transportation or hoofing it, you’re encouraged to level up your character to perform crazy leaps across rooftops (also rife with enemies) and sprint past traffic. So far I’ve spent the last hour or so just jumping from rooftop to rooftop, scaling buildings human-spider style to get as many Agility Orbs I can find. Given my limited playtime, I can honestly say I will be very happy (and busy) working on Crackdown.

More to come later….


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