Call for Postdoctoral Fellow Applications

The Project on the Foundations of Private Law is now accepting applications for Postdoctoral Fellowships. Materials are due by 9:00am on February 28, 2022. Please consult this program overview and this call for applications for additional details and requirements.


Call for Student Fellow Applications

The Project on the Foundations of Private Law is no longer accepting applications for student fellowships for 2021-2022. Check back in the summer of 2022 for information about student fellowships for 2022-2023.


Private Law Courses, 2020-2021

Harvard Law School offers many courses that deal with private law subjects, at least in part. A list of courses offered in 2020-2021 is available here. This list is not necessarily exhaustive.


Private Law Prizes

  • Shani Shisha, S.J.D., for “The Copyright Wasteland”
  • Benjamin Sobel, J.D. ’21, for “HiQ v. LinkedIN, Clearview AI, and a New Common Law of Web Scraping”
  • Joao Marinotti, J.D. ’20, for “Tangibility as Technology: Tech-Neutrality in Property Law”
  • Jiaxiong Daryl Xu, LL.M. ’19 for “Negotiating Damages: Rationalizing the Compensatory View”
  • Richard Liu, LL.M. ’18 for “Agreements to Negotiate in Good Faith in the US and England: Polar Opposites or Much the Same?”
  • Lauren Brazier, LLM ’17 for “Contemporary Developments in the Law of Tracing: Towards a New Theory of Equitable Tracing”
  • Zhong Tan, LLM ’17 for “Disruptive Doctrinalism: Relational Contract Theory and the Province of Private Law”
  • Ahson Azmat JD ’17 for “Torts are Wrongs: But are Torts Wrongs? Two Problems for Civil Recourse Theory
  • Ben Hai LLM ’16 for “Restitutionary Mitigation in Unjust Enrichment”
  • Malcom M. Lavoie LLM ’15 for “Why Restrain Alienation of Indigenous Lands? Historical, Comparative, and Theoretical Insights from Common Law Countries”
  • Kevin M. Neylan, Jr. JD ’15 for “Bundled Systems and Better Law: Against the Leflar Method of Resolving Conflicts of Law”
  • David Feder, JD ’14 for “Toward a Functional Rule of Beneficiary Standing”
  • Michael Harbour, JD ’13 for “The Relationship Between Rights and Remedies in Private Law: A Defense of Rights Essentialism”
  • Ee Kuan Tan, LLM ’13 for “Rediscovering Subjective Devaluation”