Discover The Advantages Active Lifestyle Communities Offer


There are many reasons why a person or couple would want to move to 55 and over communities. It may be time to downsize to a more manageable house, live a more low-maintenance lifestyle, or simply move to a new home to signify a new beginning of a different lifestyle. One thing that shouldn’t be confused when it comes to 55 and over communities is they are not the same as assisted living facilities or nursing homes. They are simply communities with age restrictions that offer independent living.


If you’re approaching age 55 and looking forward to the next several years of your life, active lifestyle communities may fit exactly what you’re looking for. With the popularity of these communities rising, we’ve taken a look at some of the best over 55 communities’ distinct advantages and why they are worth looking into.


Low-Maintenance Living


You may have spent your entire life mowing grass, pulling weeds, trimming hedges, and other routine maintenance tasks as a homeowner. As you get older, these tasks may become more difficult to perform, or you may simply lose the desire to do them. The best over 55 communities take care of these tasks for you. Some active lifestyle communities offer low-maintenance living, while others offer completely maintenance-free living. Everything from changing light bulbs to raking leaves and even making landscaping upgrades are provided at many active lifestyle communities. When you don’t have to do these types of tasks, you’ll have more time to spend on the things you genuinely enjoy.


Activities For All Lifestyles


A common fear people have as they approach retirement age is what they will do to remain active when they are no longer working. The good thing about active lifestyle communities is they place a lot of emphasis on different activities. Some communities may come equipped with tennis courts, shuffleboards, recreation rooms, fitness centers, and a full calendar of community activities you can participate in. Staying both physically and mentally active is important after retirement. Many 55 and over communities offer game clubs, movie nights, book clubs, and other social activities to help you stay engaged. No matter what your lifestyle is, you will undoubtedly find activities to keep you busy.


Ideal Location


Location is an important factor when moving to 55 and over communities. The good news is most active lifestyle communities are located in convenient areas close to airports, restaurants, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, grocery stores, and other places. You may have spent the majority of your working years sitting in traffic to get to and from different places, but that’s not how you want to spend your time during your retirement years. Active lifestyle communities are strategically located in central areas near popular businesses and establishments, so they are quick and easy to access.


Home Customization Options


The best 55 and over communities offer several different floor plans to fit your needs, as well as customization options to choose from. A common theme among the floor plans of these homes is an open space concept. Most properties will allow you to make modifications to the floor plan to fit specific needs or desires. Standard offerings usually include single-person homes, two-bedroom homes, garages, walk-in closets, and much more. You can select the layout that fits your situation the best to begin with and then look at different designs offered within the layout selected. 


The idea of living in active lifestyle communities is to make it feel like home, so most properties will accommodate any specific needs you have as much as possible. Whether you need to widen doorways to fit a wheelchair or if you simply don’t like the lighting in individual rooms, these are modifications most over 55 communities are willing to make, so you feel right at home.


Continue Working Or Retire Comfortably


It’s not a requirement to be retired to live in 55 and over communities. So if you are ready to downsize your home, but continue working, these communities can accommodate those desires. Unlike some designated retirement communities, the best 55 and over communities only restrict residents based on age and income. Many hard-working people enjoy living in these active lifestyle communities since they have more freedom to do the things they want to do after work, instead of having the responsibilities of maintaining their home. These communities also can give you a glimpse into what retirement life will be like when the time comes for you since fewer responsibilities are waiting for you when you get home.


Downsize When The Time Is Right


The older you are when you decide to downsize, the more difficult and stressful it may be. It’s ideal for many people to downsize when they are still in good physical health and can clean out their homes with few problems or obstacles. Plus, when you downsize on your terms instead of being forced to do so because of an injury or illness, you can enjoy more of the amenities the best 55 and over communities have to offer. You can also develop a clearer picture of what your budget needs to be to live the lifestyle you want during retirement.


Secluded And Secure Living


The quiet and peaceful nature of 55 and over communities is one of the most attractive aspects of them. Most of these communities are secluded and secured with gates and even security guards to protect your property. Common areas and parking lots are well-lit for your safety, so you won’t have to walk in fear when it’s dark outside. Having peace of mind is vital for everyone, but especially for those living in active lifestyle communities. And since you will know the vast majority of your neighbors personally, you can feel comfortable knowing everyone is watching out for one another, whether you’re at home or traveling at any time.


Feel A Sense Of Community


A common theme among the best 55 and over communities is the sense of community felt among residents. Most of the residents in these communities have similar goals for their lifestyle after turning age 55, so it’s easy to relate with your neighbors. You never know who you will meet who shares similar goals as you, and you may make lasting friendships as a result.


The active lifestyle communities themselves promote a sense of community with the activities and gatherings offered. With so many different activities, you’ll surely find ones that suit your interests, and you can meet some new friends in the process. Many of these communities even form specific interest groups, create volunteer opportunities, organize meetings, and much more. Living in 55 and over communities can open your eyes to different viewpoints as you get to know new people and potentially create lifelong friendships in the process.


People around age 55 don’t typically see themselves living in a senior community any time soon. However, the best over 55 communities offer an outstanding balance of relaxation, social life, privacy, and recreation to help maintain your youthful feeling. Make the most of your experience living in these communities by coming in with an open mind, participating in the activities offered, and taking advantage of the low-maintenance living by doing other things you enjoy. 

Experience Timeless Aesthetics With A Copper Sink


Two of the most common rooms that get renovated in homes today are the kitchen and the bathroom. Something about walking into a beautiful kitchen or bathroom can make the entire house seem more modern and timeless. While a lot of attention gets put on paint colors, floor materials, backsplashes, countertops, and other things, the sink you choose can go a long way in enhancing the aesthetics as well. No matter what type of renovations you’re doing to your kitchen or bathroom, the best copper sinks can add a unique element that can’t be accomplished with any other product. Copper kitchen sinks and copper bathroom sinks have become very popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why when you learn more about them.


Benefits Of Copper Sinks


The best copper sinks are made strictly from copper with a minimal amount of zinc to add strength. Copper offers a timeless appearance and is one of the most versatile and durable materials available for sinks. The lifespan of copper sinks can span several years and with basic maintenance practices, will be resistant to corrosion and rust during that time. The unique patina that it develops naturally over time is appealing to many homeowners and adds a certain amount of elegance to any kitchen or bathroom. The best copper sinks are also available in different shapes and sizes to fit your needs. You could opt for a single-, double- or even a triple-bowl option for copper kitchen sinks, while only needing a small single-bowl for copper bathroom sinks. And with a variety of finishes available, you can choose whether you want to create a more modern, classic, or rustic look to go with your overall theme.


Things To Look Out For When Buying A Copper Sink


Due to the popularity of copper kitchen sinks, many manufacturers mimic the appearance of them, but not the quality. It’s critical for copper sinks to consist of 99% copper and only 1% zinc. Any other materials mixed in could make the sink less durable and prone to rusting, corrosion, and damage. The best copper sinks should use 14- or 16-gauge copper, which simply refers to the material’s thickness. The sink’s seams should also be welded rather than soldered since soldering can lead to weaker seams and potentially splitting over time.


Preserving The Finish Of Your Copper Sink


The pattern, or patina, that copper kitchen sinks and copper bathroom sinks develop over time is one of the unique aspects of it. As the material gets exposed to the water, air, different substances, and other elements, the copper finish can change colors slowly over time. This is not as common and doesn’t happen as quickly with indoor sinks, though, since they are not exposed to as many elements as being outdoors. Just be sure to avoid exposing it to acidic substances, which can harm the pattern if not wiped away quickly. When the copper pattern has developed into a finish you want to maintain, it’s essential to always keep the sink dry when you aren’t using it and don’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. A high-quality copper wax can also slow down the pattern development, and you can apply a final touch or a clear lacquer to bring the pattern changes to a halt. 


Keep Your Copper Sink In Great Shape With Routine Maintenance


Copper kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks require a little more maintenance than most other sinks, but they aren’t considered high-maintenance. Incorporating best practices and using the right cleaning products can go a long way in keeping the best copper sinks looking great for many years. Be careful with the cleaners you use for copper sinks and use gentle brushes, sponges, and mild soap and water. Don’t expose the copper sink to any acidic substances for an extended period and wipe the substances off immediately if they come in contact with the sink. Always ensure the sink is dried thoroughly after using it and use a copper wax regularly to maintain the beautiful finish.


You can expect the best copper sinks to look great for many years with proper care and maintenance. The timeless appearance they provide looks great in any kitchen or bathroom and can improve the overall atmosphere in the room instantly. And with so many different shapes, sizes, and finishes available with copper sinks, you can surely find the perfect fit for your tastes. 



Why You Should Use a Mortgage Calculator to Save Money


Choosing a Mortgage Company

Buying a home is most likely the most expensive purchase you will ever make. Picking the right broker is extremely important. If you live in Central Florida, then you will be looking for an Orlando based mortgage broker. A company that really understands you and the market you are buying in. Once you’ve chosen the right broker and closed on your house then your dream home comes the reality of paying your mortgage. Most people carry on with a traditional loan payment plan, not realizing the time and money-saving benefits that a biweekly mortgage payment strategy can offer.

Many people wrongly assume that making biweekly mortgage payments requires paying twice as much. That‘s incorrect! In fact, the extra payment each month amounts to about 1/12th of your typical monthly payment: If your payment is $1,200, you’ll only add on about an additional $100 each month.

If you like the idea of saving cash and extinguishing debt quickly, let’s take a closer look at a biweekly payment plan and how using a mortgage calculator can show you the way to save a lot of time and money on your home loan.

How Biweekly Payments Operate

With an biweekly mortgage program, you’re debited one-half of your typical monthly mortgage payment every two weeks. Since there are 52 weeks each year, that means 26 half-payments will be withdrawn out of your account, adding up to one extra payment toward the principal per year. This shortens the life span of the loan and decreases the total amount of interest paid over time. Use those extra debt-free years to more fully enjoy life or create a financial safety net for the future.

You can schedule automatic biweekly payment withdrawals, and learn how to add in extra installments that can help you pay off your loan even faster and save much more money.

Using a Biweekly Mortgage Calculator

It’s straightforward and simple — try a mortgage savings calculator and follow the easy instructions. Let’s use an example of a $250,000 30-year mortgage at 4.25% interest.

Enter 250000.00 for the full loan amount, 30 years for the term (or put in the number of months until your loan matures) and 4.25 for the interest. Make sure you enter the exact date that your loan begins, or the date it started if it’s an existing loan. Then hit the calculate button to see your final results: You’ll be able to pay off the loan 52 months early and save more than $31,000!

The calculator will show you new biweekly payments, your debt-freedom date and interest saved. Clear the fields and experiment with different scenarios to see how adding extra payments can dramatically increase your savings on interest and get you out of debt even sooner.

An auto-payment company will help you pay down debt faster. Withdrawals from your account every other week match conveniently with paychecks and your monthly budget — and an additional half-payment twice a year toward principal reduces interest over the life of the loan. Please visit this useful website to learn even more about using a biweekly mortgage payment calculator and all your money-saving, debt-eliminating options!

GPR for Utility Scanning


A reliable and accurate ground penetrating radar is essential when scanning for utility lines, water lines, and more. In addition to uncompromising reliability and accuracy, a ground penetrating radar should be easy to use and transport, provide quality data, and include advanced capabilities to handle even the most difficult jobs on potentially rough or unstable terrain. UtilityScan provides all of these features and more, and sets a new standard when it comes to price and performance. See how it can help you work more efficiently and increase your confidence in the utility scan data you receive after using UtilityScan.

UtilityScan Sets New Standards In Utility Locating

With a lightweight configuration, integrated wireless technology, patented HyperStacking technology, and LineTrac system, UtilityScan sets new standards when it comes to an underground utility locator. Some of the most common uses of UtilityScan includes:

Locating water lines
Scanning metallic and non-metallic utilities
Locating shallow objects for archaeological purposes
Detecting underground storage tanks and voids
Identifying foundation and soil characteristics

The UtilityScan comes standard with everything you need to perform the above tasks, including:

Two lithium-ion batteries
A dual-bay battery charger
350 MHz antenna frequency
64 GB storage capacity
Maximum depth of 35 ft (10 m)
Two choices of control units with system mounts
A durable 2 m ethernet cable
A sunshade for the Panasonic A2
2-year warranty

Industry experts know how rare it is to find paper records or reliable markouts of where buried utilities are. Not knowing this information can lead to costly mistakes, delays in project completions, and even potentially create safety hazards. With these standard features in UtilityScan, you can feel confident knowing any underground utilities will be discovered so you can do your work more efficiently and safely.

Notable Features Of UtilityScan

One of the features customers notice right away is how lightweight UtilityScan is. It weighs only 34 pounds and can collapse to be compact enough to fit inside of a small vehicle. And if you need to travel with it, you will have no problem fitting it in an overhead compartment on an airplane.

A premium feature offered by UtilityScan is the patented HyperStacking technology that offers incredible near-surface resolution and more depth penetration for a wide range of soil types. You don’t have to worry about tripping on or getting tangled up in cords either since the wireless antenna is strong enough to eliminate the need for cords. Real-time information is critical with an underground utility locator, and that’s exactly what UtilityScan provides.

Another standard feature of UtilityScan is the internal GPS, with the option to incorporate the LineTrac power detection module for detecting AC power and RF-induced utilities. It’s also simple to incorporate a specific GPS you prefer if you want to use it instead of the GPS that’s included.

Data Illustration Examples

Clear and precise data illustrations are essential for a ground penetrating radar. The HyperStacking and LineTrac technology incorporated with UtilityScan can illustrate multiple non-metallic and metallic targets at different depths. Color-coded lines on the chart help to clearly distinguish what is a water line versus other utilities, and at what depth each utility is located at.

Another clear and high-resolution chart shows deep stratigraphic features in potentially resistive soils. The Dynamic Gain Control feature displays various subsurface conditions as well as potentially unknown targets. However, even with the display of unknown targets, the LineTrac green line indicates where live power is present so users know where valid targets are located.

Additional Accessories To Consider

Some of the additional accessories you can purchase with UtilityScan include a convenient travel case, a rugged cart, a battery booster kit, and a sunshade. These are optional and are available for purchase depending on your needs. The Model 656 rugged cart is particularly helpful if you need to use the utility scan tool on rough terrain. The durable travel case is lined with custom foam to protect the UtilityScan system itself, as well as any of its accessories. It’s suitable for protecting the UtilityScan from wet or humid environments and you can have peace of mind traveling with it or shipping it to different locations.

The state-of-the-art UtilityScan system has changed the industry regarding performance and price. The integrated features, durability, and overall quality are impressive when you consider the competitive price point. Accuracy and reliability are the most important qualities of a good underground utility locator, and UtilityScan is designed to meet those qualities and more. Never feel uncertain again when it comes to locating and identifying any underground utilities with UtilityScan.

A reliable and accurate underground utility locator is essential to prevent major damage. UtilityScan provides the necessary features and exceeds expectations.

Why DJ Drops Take Your Sets To The Next Level


You’ve worked hard to perfect your style, create the perfect sets, and really solidify your DJ brand.  You’ve invested in gear, listened to music non-stop, you’re on top of all the trends. Now it’s time to make sure that they remember where they heard their favorite new mix.  You need a DJ Drop.  And you need the perfect voice over professional, who understands your business and knows how to take your sets to the next level.

What DJ Drops Bring To Your Brand

DJ drops add a ton of value to your mixes. They grab your listeners’ attention with a bold and fresh reminder of who is bringing them their favorite music. Despite being short audio clips, DJ drops interspersed throughout a set carry a punch of energy and keep your audience dialed in and amped up all over again.

And whether you’re a DJ just starting out and new to the scene, or an experienced professional DJ with years of experience and a solid following, you need high-quality DJ drops designed just for your and your brand to make sure everyone knows your name and won’t forget your style. With confident, fresh, and high-energy DJ drops your listeners coming back for more. Which is why you need a DJ drop voice actor with the right skills and the versatility to produce the exact sound that you’re looking for.

What The Right Voice Brings To Your DJ Drop

With the power of voice over mixed with a knowledge of how to embody a DJ’s style, a professional voice actor can craft a DJ drop to match any DJ client. A DJ drop voice actor won’t simply announce your name – they’ll deliver it with the personality, tone and exact vibe that will make a lasting positive impression on your listeners. With just a few words, a skilled voice talent can demonstrate a rich complexity of power and energy, tailored to exactly what makes your spinning style unique.

Hand in hand with the voice over, DJ drops often have powerful sound effects and musical elements that help to give the words more movement and raise the energy level in the set. For unforgettable, bold and exciting high-quality urban & hip hop voice over and sound effects, Dane Reid Media can provide fully produced, expertly tailored DJ drops that will inspire your audience to keep listening, keep dancing, and keep coming back for more.


Speed Test for Video Streaming


More people than ever are turning to streaming services to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. However, if you’ve never used a streaming service before, or if you’re thinking about subscribing to a new streaming service, you may be wondering if your Internet is fast enough to support that service. A speed test can be a good way to find out if you’ll be able to effectively watch shows and movies on some of the most popular streaming services currently available including Netflix, Hulu and more! 


With a simple Internet speed test you can get a good idea of how quickly your Internet runs and the average connectivity you receive with your current plan. Once you have that information, you can take a look at the speed requirements for the most popular streaming services to determine whether or not your current Internet speed will be able to support that service so you can start enjoying great entertainment from the comfort of your home screen. 


Speed Recommendations for Top Streaming Services


All that being said, it’s important to know before you subscribe to some of the top streaming services what the speed recommendations are for these services so you can test the speed of your Internet connection. That way you can be sure before you sign up that you’re going to be able to stream your favorite movies and TV shows in the best quality possible without frequent interruptions and pauses that will disrupt your viewing experience. All websites that stream video are trying to boost their site speed so that you have a good experience, but your internet connection makes a difference.


Among the most popular streaming services currently available is Netflix, which offers plans ranging from $8.99 for a single screen to $16.99 for four screens with 4K streaming. Those who want to sign up for Netflix can try it out for free for 30 days, which gives them a great chance to see if their Internet connection speed is up to par and able to keep up with this streaming service. 


However, those who want to be sure they have the basic connectivity to keep up with it should know they will need 0.5Mb/s to view movies in standard definition on a laptop computer, though this low speed will leave movies looking a bit grainy if they’re watching on a larger screen. Netflix recommends individuals view movies with a speed of at least 1.5Mb/s. Meanwhile, for viewing movies and shows on a television screen, 3.0Mb/s is recommended, for high definition movies 4.0Mb/s is recommended, for the best 1080p experience possible 5.0Mb/s is recommended, and for those who will be investing in the streaming service’s 4K option, at least 15Mb/s is recommended and 25Mb/s is preferred. 


Speed recommendations are similar for many other popular streaming services. Hulu recommends individuals have at least 3.0Mb/s connectivity to use their online video library and a least 16Mb/s if they will be viewing the streaming service’s 4K Ultra HD videos. Meanwhile, those who will be watching movies and television through the Amazon Video service should be prepared to have 3.0Mb/s to stream standard definition content and at least 25Mb/s to view the service’s 4K Ultra HD videos.


Choosing the Right Service


After you’ve conducted a speed test for video streaming, your next step will be to choose the streaming service that’s right for you and to choose a plan that will allow you to view movies and TV shows in the best quality possible. If you have a good enough speed, you might be able to view movies and TV shows in high definition on your television without any problems. However, if you have a slower connection, you might want to invest in a cheaper plan such as Netflix’s $8.99 option, which offers streaming through your laptop and allows you to view plenty of movies and TV shows in good quality without any interruptions but ensures you aren’t paying services that you won’t be able to use, such as 4K streaming. 


If you’ve run a speed test for video streaming and you’d like to start shopping for a streaming service and the plan that is right for you and your needs, you can find plenty of information here that can lead you to the right option.


The Importance of Speed Testing your Website


Did you know roughly 40% of your website visitors will leave your site if it takes longer than three seconds to load? Page speed is defined as the amount of time it takes a specific page to load. It can be measured in terms of how long it takes the full page to load, the time to first byte (TTFB) or First Meaningful Paint, all of which will be explained in more detail later. Consumers demand immediacy today, so having a slow page speed is a surefire way to lose out on potential sales and ensure the content you worked so hard on goes unread. The platform you choose plays a big role in the speed of your page, as does the coding, image configuration and more. Among the many factors business owners need to consider for the success of their website, page speed ranks as one of the highest on the scale of importance.


Measuring Page Speed

Knowing whether your page speed is acceptable isn’t as straightforward as many people think. Most people believe the speed of their page should be measured based on how long it takes for the page to be fully loaded. While this is a simple method for measuring page speed, it’s not completely indicative of whether you have fast load times. For example, the First Meaningful Paint measurement is often considered the most accurate measurement of your page speed since it’s directly related to consumer interaction. Your webpage may take eight seconds to fully load, but if the top portion of the page loads in less than two seconds, then it may be perceived as a fast-loading page by consumers since they can see information at the top of the page almost immediately. 


The TTFB measurement is defined as the amount of time it takes for a page to begin loading. It’s a measurement of the timeframe between connecting to a server and downloading the webpage contents. A slow TTFB is evident if your webpage shows a white page for a few seconds before the content is displayed. The best way to improve this aspect of your page speed is to use a fast and reliable hosting service and always keep your themes and plugins updated. When studying various metrics for page speed, there’s no certain metric to focus on, but just be sure to look at all of them and improve any that may be too slow.


Coding Guidelines For Improved Page Speed

Poor coding is one of the main reasons why pages have long load times. Too many images that aren’t optimized, various page elements and heavy HTML also add up to taking a significant amount of effort to load your page. And every time a visitor reloads your page, they have to wait for it to load all over again. That is unless you utilize browser caching, which remembers a user’s previously-loaded page so they don’t have to wait for it to load again. The good news, in general, is you don’t have to be a coding expert to improve your page speed. Finding the right plugin can make a big difference in the speed and is virtually effortless on your part.


WordPress vs. Drupal

Being comfortable with the content management system you use is vital to successfully manage your website daily. WordPress is by far the most popular system today, but many successful websites use Drupal. The advantages WordPress has are being user-friendly for people who aren’t web developers, a significant global community for support, affordable solutions and an extensive library of themes and plugins. 


Drupal is typically used by website owners who want a little more flexibility with their content. It also allows you to create different permissions for users and assign specific access controls accordingly. The taxonomy system of Drupal is also more flexible, so it can handle much more content without sacrificing page speed.


Unless you have experience with building and designing websites and know how to increase page speed, WordPress is the common choice for website owners. However, if you desire the increased flexibility and customization options, then Drupal is the way to go. Just understand that if you don’t have significant experience, you will likely need to take some courses or hire a developer for your website.


Tips To Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your page speed is connected to SEO because a page with slow load times will suffer in the SEO category. Any website with a poor SEO ranking will not be very visible when users do an online search using relevant keywords. So increasing your page speed will not only keep your visitors on the page longer, but it will also boost your SEO. Some tips for improving SEO include:


  • Compressing images and files – using a program like Photoshop is ideal so you can decrease the size of the files without compromising quality.
  • Utilizing browser caching – this improves a visitor’s experience on your website so they don’t have to wait for the page to load every time. Unless you are constantly altering your website, you can set your information to be cached once a year or so.

  • Creating keyword-rich content – a key component of SEO is creating unique content rich with keywords that provide value to consumers. You want your website to be viewed as a valuable resource people can rely on so they will return and boost your SEO ranking at the same time.

  • Upgrading hosting services – the quality of the hosting provider you use makes a big difference in your page speed and overall SEO. You may be able to cut corners in some areas of your website, but a hosting service should not be one of them.


Increasing your website’s page speed is critical for a variety of reasons, including your SEO ranking so you can be discovered by more consumers. And when you utilize the proper resources available, the task is much easier to accomplish than it may seem to be, regardless of your level of experience. 

The Differences Between Internal Vs. External Corporate Narration


Corporate narration is voice over used for a multitude of purposes.  It can be utilized as an internal or external tool to speak on behalf of the company.

Corporations differ from other businesses in that they are huge enterprises that answer to shareholders. As such, there are great quantities of communications, external and internal, that often use voice over narration either alone or with video to assist in spreading messages quickly and effectively.

External Corporate Narration

External corporate narrations speak on behalf of the company. Corporations spend a great deal of time and money building their brand, complete with visuals – logos, images, colors, and either a brand voice or a voice over that embodies the sound and reflects the image of the corporation. They may be found on the corporate website, on various physical locations, in on-site or out-of-office presentations or at fundraising or charitable events. They may be played at shareholders meetings, annual meetings and at conferences. Great corporate narration both communicates and represents your brand, and it all comes down to the voice actor you choose to showcase in your corporate narration.

Internal Corporate Narration

Internal corporate narrations share content between employees of the corporation. They include training, corporate policy, human resources initiatives, on boarding, accountability, sales, sexual harassment training and corporate culture programs. They can inspire and teach, build loyalty or give a corporate history lesson. They are also used to roll out new plans and projects. Voice over in internal corporate communications may mirror the external facing brand and the tone of the message itself. 

The Importance of Narration Style

Your corporate narration style choice says a lot about your branding, and you can drive that voice to truly engage your audience. A well-vocalized script can bring your listeners down to a serious note, raise the mood of the voice over to playful and fun, and literally produce laughter! There is an emotion for everything that you stand behind, and when you share your vision with a professional voice actor, they should be able to embody your brand and enrich it to its full potential.

When you have a message, that message can only be successful if it is read well. That can come through style of voice, the intent that the vocal tones portray, or just plain good voice acting.  When your brand speaks well, your audience listens well. And that is a recipe for narration that sticks. The production of every corporate narration is not an individual journey, it takes many hard-working, dedicated people to call your company a family. When that dedication is present along with specialty vocals that shed experience and originality on your brand, you have all the makings of a great narration.

Clear, Engaging, and Genuine Voice Over

If you want to share information to strongly represent your corporation, there are hundreds of ways to craft that message, and hundreds more to narrate them. The needs of a corporate narration can be as diverse as all the types of businesses out there. If you are making a corporate video, then you need a versatile voice actor who can adapt to your specific needs and deliver the right voice over performance for your company. Corporate narration voice over needs to be clear, engaging, and genuine. It also needs to effectively reach the target audience, whether it is existing clients, employees, or the general public.

Successful corporate brands care about what they stand for and care about the message they want to send to their listeners.

Another type of corporate video is an internal training video. As the name suggests, this type of video is made for employees and stays within the company. The goal is usually to help members of the staff learn how to use or engage with an aspect of the company. This could be intended for new team members in order to introduce them to company policies and procedures, or for more senior personnel, in order to provide updated information such as how to use a new piece of software that was recently implemented. For these videos, a more neutral voice over can be useful to keep the focus on the educational content. A skilled narration voice actor will be able to strike the right tone to keep the audience informed and attentive.



What to Look for When Choosing a Medical Narrator


Medical narration can be a difficult genre for voice actors to do. It requires not only the skill that other types of voice over need but also a strong understanding of medical terminology and the medical field overall.  A voice talent needs to know how to pronounce medical terms correctly in order for the medical voice over to be accurate. It is also important for the actor to be able to read a script in a way that ensures the listener understands all of the technical details that appear in medical narration.

The area of medical narration can cover many different aspects of medicine. Voice overs for medical narration can provide educational resources for students that are studying biology. Medical narration can be for the purposes of educating doctors on new or existing tools and resources. It can also be a vital instructional tool for patients learning about their medical devices. Having an experienced and knowledge voice actor will help ensure the success of the narration.

Medical institutions treat and provide care for a lot of people from diverse backgrounds. They need to be able to communicate directions and information in many different languages. Having translations for your medical narrations, patients, students, and doctors will all have accurate instructions and information to help provide a good result.

Collaboration is a key part of a successful medical narration. Medical technology providers, hospitals doctors and pharmaceutical companies should always look for a voice over talent who is responsive and responsible, able to read copy exactly the way it should be pronounced and willing to partner with the project producer to create a perfect final product.

Political Voiceover During an Election Year


Election year is upon us and the campaigns are filling the media. We see the candidate ads before our YouTube videos, in between songs on the radio, and on television during commercial breaks. But who are those voices that we hear telling us who and who not to vote for? They are experienced professional voice talent who are trained in the art of political voiceover. These professionals have mastered the art of performing public facing announcements to educate voters on the running candidates and their views.

Positive political ads paint candidates in a bright light. They highlight their best qualities and give their voters a reason to select them in the poll booth. The voices of these ads are typically warm, reassuring, and professional sounds that offer comfort to voters in their political choices. They may highlight plans a political candidate has to improve the economy, environment, or legal regulations, or they may reflect on the candidate’s background, ethics, education, or personality. A professional voice talent aids in creating a trust with the targeted audience and being in the forefront of voter minds when selecting which candidate they want to govern them.

On the opposite side of the positive ads, some campaigns opt for a negative approach which attack opposing candidates. They typically are derogatory and use a condescending voice tone to point out the flaws of opposing running candidates. These ads make up a large portion of political campaigns because of the fact that negative information sticks in voters minds and reminds them who they don’t want to vote for. This is a very effective approach for elections, and professional voice talent find themselves receiving a large quantity of these types of scripts.

Whether positive or negative, between presidential, congressional, state, and municipal elections, billions of dollars are spent every year on political campaign advertising. As such, this is a huge market for professional voice talent. They are the voices of the candidates we as citizens vote into governing offices. While some voice talent may only voice for Democratic, Republican, or whichever beliefs they stand by, other voice talent may voice either side, even if they disagree with the statements being made. Regardless of their own political views, they bring forth a professionalism and make a statement by giving a voice to the campaigns.

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