Increase Conversions And Sales Today With An Onsite Publisher


Small business owners face significant challenges daily. Not only do they have to develop great products or services, but they also have to find different ways to advertise them to make their name brand become recognizable. There are many different marketing strategies to sort through, and finding one that fits your budget while giving you great value in return isn’t always as easy as it seems. Increasing visibility, acquiring customers, boosting conversion rates, and other terms are what business owners focus on but often struggle to execute in the constantly-evolving world of e-commerce.


This is where a reputable onsite publisher enters the picture to help. They can help enhance your strategies by focusing on performance-based marketing so you will only pay for what’s most effective for you. There are very few downfalls of performance-based marketing, and when done correctly, it can significantly improve your brand visibility and overall bottom line. And on top of performance-based marketing, an onsite publisher can also help with brand advocacy, public relations, and several other aspects to help you achieve business success. 


Why Performance-Based Marketing Matters


Performance-based marketing has become a popular advertising method for business owners for many reasons. Think about how people interact with advertisements in magazines and newspapers. The advertisements have to be catchy and relevant to them before they are even acknowledged, but the company still has to pay for the advertisement even though it doesn’t get looked at. A similar concept happens online since users can install ad blockers to avoid seeing any advertisement type if they don’t want to. This is where performance-based marketing with the assistance of an onsite publisher enters the picture.


With performance-based marketing, businesses only pay for an advertisement when a user interacts with it. The types of consumer interactions include impressions, clicks, engagements, leads, and sales. The cost depends on the type of interaction you believe will be most valuable to your overall business strategy, so it’s important to give it some deep thought. Look at your metrics and business goals and select the marketing strategy that aligns with it. For example, if you are focused on bringing more visitors to your website, then consider paying for clicks. Or if you prefer to only pay for an advertisement when you make a sale, then you can do so. Just keep in mind that the latter will be more costly to you than if you only paid per impression or click.


One of the benefits of performance-based marketing is you can make adjustments at any time. Unlike paying full price for an advertisement that may or may not be seen by anyone, you can adjust your marketing strategy based on the number of impressions, clicks, or engagements you receive. The difference is you know you are getting something, in turn, directly from a performance-based approach to marketing, even if it may not immediately lead to a sale. With concrete evidence of impressions or clicks, you can adjust your strategies to focus more on leads and sales at a later time.


By focusing on your goals and metrics, you can track results through performance-based marketing. An onsite publisher can help you see how much money you’re spending per impression and how many of those impressions translate into sales. The concrete data you have access to can provide a clear indication of whether you’re spending advertising money in the right place or if adjustments need to be made. 


Maximize The Visibility Of Your Brand


One of the challenges small businesses have is getting their name known. Aside from building a high-quality website, business owners usually turn to social media first. There are plenty of successful social media strategies people have used in the past, but it’s often not as simple as setting up your page and instantly gaining followers. Brand visibility is difficult at first, but with diligent effort and using the resources available to you, it’s possible. A good onsite publisher has relationships with large publishing companies, high-authority websites, and consumer platforms with high volume. These are critical pieces to the puzzle of getting your brand known, recognized, and respected. 


Other secrets to maximizing your brand’s visibility include creating brand-specific content, generating organic traffic from various channels, driving new customers to your brand, and more. These strategies put together by an onsite publisher helps increase conversion rates because your brand will show up more in online searches, including being displayed in new search terms. The higher your ranking is with Google and other search engines, the more visibility you have. An onsite publisher can help you move up the rankings and amplify your brand as a result.


Publisher Relationships Can Dictate Value


The best onsite publisher will have great relationships with both brands and publishers, which benefits everyone involved. Through non-traditional and traditional affiliate programs combined with working with reputable publishers, business owners can expect growth when working with an onsite publisher. Relationships are critical when it comes to growing your business. It can take years to have a solid reputation with affiliates, but a single instance can quickly ruin that reputation. Having an onsite publisher with multiple great relationships will help grow your brand and drive value in every aspect of your business.


Acquire New Customers And Increase Conversion Rates


It’s easy to get caught up in the details of how you’ll market your brand and forget about the ultimate goals, which are to increase conversion rates, acquire new customers, and create repeat customers. Understanding your audience is the first step to take, but it’s not as easy as many business owners think with how the consumer market constantly evolves. With so many different review websites and other types of competition, creating a unique experience for your potential customers will help them become reliable customers and increase conversion rates at the same time. This is part of a performance-based marketing strategy that an onsite publisher can assist with.


An onsite publisher also focuses on the consumer’s journey to buying a product and places strategic and targeted advertisements to assist them on the journey. Depending on the product and industry you’re in, various strategies can effectively reach the end goals you have set forth. This is something small business owners don’t tend to focus on due to other responsibilities, so having an advocate behind you to ensure the customer’s journey is taken into consideration is important.


Onsite Publishers Advocate For Your Brand


The role of an onsite publisher is to advocate for your brand and product offering. The goal is to have your product displayed on top review sites and even placement on Amazon. Another aspect a great onsite publisher does is help business owners understand what editorial recommendations entail. The idea with editorial recommendations is to have targeted articles written and published with a detailed keyword strategy. 


When searching for an onsite publisher to work with, it’s important to know exactly how they look at data and see examples of their work and payment structure. Data on editorial recommendations can be tricky since success can be viewed from the perspective of sellers, publishers, and e-commerce platform owners. Reporting live articles and any transactions that come directly as a result of those articles can help business owners see the value of editorial recommendations. 


Other data regarding editorial recommendations include matching appropriate keywords with products to help improve your Best Sellers Rank on Amazon. Of course, several other factors go into your Best Sellers Rank, and an onsite publisher will advocate on your behalf to improve it as much as possible. It’s reasonable to believe with the right strategy that you could enhance your Best Sellers Rank as high as top-100.


As a small business owner, you have enough to worry about outside of how you’ll market your brand. When you take the time to find an advocate you can trust to represent your brand, you can focus on growing your company while it becomes more widely recognized in parallel. The growth potential in this scenario is very high and can take your business to levels you only imagined were possible previously.

Life Doesn’t Have To Be Inconvenient After An Automobile Accident


Getting into an auto accident is stressful enough and can shake up anyone’s level of confidence. But then the collision repair process adds to the stress when you have to deal with your insurance company, as well as the other driver’s insurance company, all while still trying to live your life as normally as possible. Life doesn’t get put on hold just because you’ve been involved in an auto accident, so it’s important to know what needs to happen immediately afterward to make the process as seamless as possible.


It starts with locating a reputable collision repair shop that prioritizes fixing your vehicle the right way. You may not know every step of the process, but that’s what makes a repair shop so valuable. They can explain all of the details to you and ensure your vehicle is as safe to drive as it was before the accident occurred. The goal is to get you back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible.


Making The Collision Repair Process Seamless


When you take your vehicle into a collision repair shop, the technicians will conduct an initial thorough review of your vehicle’s damage and health. After receiving a rough cost estimate and getting your approval, the technicians will dig deeper into the damage to provide an even more thorough analysis. Before it gets to that point, you need to trust the collision repair shop because once the vehicle damage gets torn off, it may be too late to back away and go to another shop. You should also contact your insurance company to ensure they will cover the costs of the repair shop you chose.


After the collision repair shop technicians conduct their thorough analysis, the insurance adjuster must look at the damage in person before repairs can be conducted. This part is often the slowest process since adjusters can’t get there right away, but there is no ideal option in this regard other than making sure you have an alternative form of transportation. Once the insurance adjuster approves of the repairs, the collision repair shop goes to work fixing the damage to get you back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible.


Stick With OEM Parts When Available


Depending on the damage sustained to your vehicle, several new parts may have to be ordered. Your insurance company may cover some, but others may not be. Regardless of the situation, it’s critical to use OEM parts when they are available. Most OEM parts are of higher quality than what you can find at retail stores and are designed to fit your vehicle exactly. This improves the safety of your vehicle during normal operation and especially if an accident occurs in the future.


Another important reason why you should use OEM parts is that after-market parts could create a warranty and support issue. Replacement parts that cause other problems with the vehicle could void the warranty and you’ll be on the hook for the repairs out of pocket. The technology used in vehicles today is highly sophisticated as well, so using OEM parts will help ensure everything works exactly how it should. In the vast majority of situations, using OEM parts is well worth it even if there is an additional expense involved.


Work With A Repair Shop With Manufacturer Certifications


Collision repair shop technicians may have experience working with different vehicle manufacturers, but it doesn’t mean the manufacturers certify them. It’s a major accomplishment when a repair shop is a certified technician of any particular brand since they have to meet very strict requirements to receive the certification. So when you’re looking for a collision repair shop to fix your vehicle, you can have the most peace of mind when working with a shop that’s certified to work on the vehicle brand you have. Ask for the shop’s certification before committing to doing business with them.


Life Shouldn’t Be Inconvenient After A Collision


Sometimes the hardest part about getting into an automobile accident is the inconvenience it presents to your daily life for days or weeks after the accident. The best collision repair shops will go out of their way to make life as convenient as possible for you after a collision. Some will provide you general cost estimates on-the-spot when you upload photos of the damage to their online forms. They also may provide towing services to have your vehicle brought to their facility right away without you having to spend the time and hassle finding a tow truck. 


And arguably, the most important aspect to consider is whether the collision repair shop offers rental cars you can use to keep your life moving forward as normally as possible. The best repair shops will work with your insurance company to make sure you have the rental car available to you for as long as it takes to complete the repairs. Working with insurance companies can be a painful process, but collision repair shops that care about their customers will advocate on their behalf to make life as convenient as possible.

When Living In A Low Maintenance Community, Life Can Happen On Your Terms


When you reach a certain age, some of the things that were important to you before are less important. On the other hand, your priorities may have changed, and now specific things are more important to you. One of the things you can never get back is time. And when you’re spending so much time on things like maintaining your yard and home, you could be missing out on other things you enjoy doing.


As people near retirement age, they begin taking a close look at what they want their lifestyle to be like. Living in low maintenance communities is becoming more popular than ever before since many of the day-to-day responsibilities you have as a homeowner are no longer present. Everything from not having to mow your lawn anymore to personalizing your home interior down to the color of your lamp shade are characteristics of living in low maintenance communities. When you think about retirement, the first thought may be to live life on your terms, and it’s possible in a low maintenance community.


Spend Time On Important Things


When you live in low maintenance communities, you can determine what’s most important to you and not have to worry about anything else in most cases. Getting time back is important for many people as they get older. Whether it’s spending more time with family and friends, pursuing passions or hobbies you never could before, or even just taking the time to read a book every day, low maintenance communities offer you the freedom to do what’s most important to you. 


With the homeowners association in these communities, mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, raking leaves, and other household chores are handled for you. Think about the hours you’ve spent over the years doing these tasks at your home and what you could have been doing with that time if you had it back. Now is the time to take advantage of those things when you live in a low maintenance community. But of course, if you find these activities to be relaxing and keep you active throughout the day, then you have the right to accomplish them yourself. Just know that if you ever feel like having someone else do those chores for you, then the option is available.


Personalize Your Home And Living Space


Another attractive feature of living in low maintenance communities is the ability to personalize your home and living space. The floor plans are usually tailored to 55 and older people, so the standard plans are often sufficient. However, knowing you have the flexibility to customize them to meet your specific standards is comforting since you may be living in the home for the rest of your life. Everything from paint colors to floor layouts, upgraded appliances to elegant lighting, and everything in between can be personalized in low maintenance communities. The idea is to make the home feel like yours, and there are very few limitations to get in the way of it.


Connect With Others In The Community


From a social perspective, low maintenance communities offer something that most homes and neighborhoods don’t. Since the vast majority of the people living in these communities are a similar age and have similar lifestyles, there’s an immediate connection that’s often made among residents. Consider the amenities and features offered at various communities when making your decision. Some include a swimming pool, tennis courts, dining halls, or other amenities for your enjoyment. 


Community gatherings are also arranged for people with specific interests. Consider joining a group or starting one yourself and inviting others to connect with the community. Many low maintenance communities create strong bonds to the point where everyone knows each other and can look out for each other every day. These things may not be important to you, but it can help you make the best decision when you consider the amenities you do enjoy.


Live Life On Your Terms In A Low Maintenance Community


How often throughout life have you been able to say you lived life on your terms? If you had a job or owned a business, that’s usually not the case. And if you’ve raised kids for the past 18 years or more, you may have felt like you never had time for yourself even though you enjoyed spending time with your kids. Living in low maintenance communities allows you to live life on your terms, and the homeowners association goes out of their way to ensure it’s a reality. 


Everything from the initial meeting to look at floor plans to moving into your new home is a pleasant experience and designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Living in a low maintenance community can be a major adjustment for some people, but most people embrace it quickly and can relax knowing the responsibilities they held in the past are now handled by someone else for them.


Your private oasis may be waiting for you in low maintenance communities. You have a choice of open floor plans, private courtyards, luxurious kitchens and bathrooms, and room arrangements that are only limited by your imagination. Some people come in with a specific vision and budget and work with the professionals to achieve their vision. Others don’t know exactly what they want or what they can afford. Either type of person or family is welcome at low maintenance communities, and you’ll surely find exactly what you’ve always been looking for.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Offer Unique Advantages To Professionals


Accurate and reliable concrete imaging is essential for contractors and construction professionals. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology has come a long way in recent years and is quicker and more accurate than ever before. Still, with many different options available and companies claiming to have the best products, it’s hard for contractors and other professionals to know exactly which GPR systems fit their needs. 


The answer to this problem lies in the specific application professionals commonly use a GPR system for. Some systems are designed to be all-in-one units that are small, portable, and offer accurate readings and measurements for various applications. Those types of systems are widely used by contractors who handle jobs of various sizes and need a reliable unit to handle them all. Other GPR systems are larger and have more features available to customize them to the most common applications they are used for. Price is usually a factor as well, so you can narrow down the available options based on your budget and what the most important features are.


We have evaluated three top GPR systems to provide you with the information needed to make the right choice. Those systems are the StructureScan Mini LT, the StructureScan Mini XT, and the StructureScan Pro. After evaluating each model’s features and benefits, professionals can make the best decision for their needs and enjoy reliable and accurate scans for multiple applications.


StructureScan Mini LT


The StructureScan Mini LT is an all-in-one GPR system designed to help make inspecting concrete a seamless process. Typical applications for this product include inspecting walls, garages, tunnels, bridges, balconies, decks, monuments, towers, and other similar structures. It’s designed to help professionals locate post-tension cables, rebar, metallic targets, non-metallic targets, voids, and conduits, and even provide accurate slab thickness measurements in real-time. Some of the specific features of the StructureScan Mini LT include:


  • 1600 MHz antenna frequency
  • 2 GB storage capacity
  • 20-inch maximum depth
  • 3.6-pound overall weight of the device
  • Dual-bay battery charger
  • 2 lithium-ion batteries
  • 5.7” color display 
  • 2.5-hour battery operating time
  • IP-65 rating for water resistance and dust-proof
  • Various language options (English, French, Spanish, Korean, German, and Japanese)


What makes the StructureScan Mini LT unique is the all-in-one nature of the product. The concrete inspection tool includes the positioning system, an antenna, and the control unit, so professionals don’t have to buy those components separately. With the StructureScan Mini LT’s lightweight nature, professionals and contractors can easily use it for ground or above-the-head surveys. The laser positioning system incorporated into the device allows for ease of marking targets since it’s located on the sides and the unit’s front. The four-wheel-drive is also a critical feature to ensure efficiency and provide the most accurate collection of data.


Data collection and data visualization is what can make or break any GPR system. The StructureScan Mini LT comes with two automatic target detection versions designed to help professionals interpret data seamlessly. And professionals can also use 2D mode if they simply need real-time location, or they can use 3D mode for more detailed concrete images when required.


StructureScan Mini XT


The StructureScan Mini XT is an upgraded and revamped all-in-one ground penetrating radar system. It comes with several different operating modes to be used in various applications like locating conduits, voids, post-tension cables, rebar, non-metallic objects, and other similar objects. Contractors and other professionals rely on the StructureScan Mini XT to assess the condition of structures, receive real-time measurements of slab thickness, receive clear and accurate scans and images of concrete, and conduct complete structure inspections. Some of the most notable features of the StructureScan Mini XT include:


  • 2700 MHz antenna frequency
  • 14.5 GB storage capacity
  • 24-inch maximum depth
  • 4-pound overall weight of the device
  • Dual-bay battery charger
  • 2 lithium-ion batteries
  • 6.5” color display 
  • IP-65 environmental rating
  • 3 display modes (focus, linescan, and 3D)
  • Operating temperature of -4°F to 104°F
  • Various language options (English, French, Japanese, and Chinese)


The StructureScan Mini XT itself is a premium product with advanced features. It can be advanced even further with additional accessories and features by using the three available ports on the unit. The unit can be tailored and designed for many different applications with the optional accessories like the Palm XT, carry harness, LineTrac XT, and an accessory pole. 


The 2700 MHz antenna offers precise resolutions for objects near the surface while also being reliable for deeper targets. The 6.5” touchscreen provides a large display for quick and easy data visualization and an easy-to-use digital interface. The three operating modes are also simple to navigate and select. The Scan3D mode is designed for use as a 3D building scanner. The QuickScan mode is for collecting 2D data. And the ScanMax mode offers other advanced options for specific applications. 


The data visualization features of the StructureScan Mini XT is what makes this product stand out. The real-time data allows for quick and simple measurements and gives professionals the ability to mark detected objects in real-time. The 3D data display is very clear and detailed, even when displaying multiple targets at various depths. Switching to Focus Mode allows professionals to focus on specific targets of interest to ensure accurate measurements. Finally, the drill hole feature with the unit offers an image of a green dot to indicate where there are no obstructions in a particular area to further increase a professional’s confidence.


StructureScan Pro


The StructureScan Pro is the premier GPR system to help professionals see accurate, quick, and reliable data in virtually any scanning scenario. With multiple antenna options for various concrete scanning applications, it’s one of the most versatile products on the market. The incredible accuracy of the StructureScan Pro makes it a top choice for applications in scanning for conduits, rebar, non-metallic objects, post-tension, voids, and slab measurements. Clear and concise concrete imaging helps professionals conduct accurate condition assessments and precise structural inspections. The most notable features of the StructureScan Pro include:


  • 1600 MHz or 2600 MHz antenna frequency options
  • 32 GB storage capacity, 1 GB RAM
  • 18-inch maximum depth
  • 10-pound overall weight of the device
  • Dual-bay battery charger
  • 2 lithium-ion batteries
  • 10.4” LED display 
  • SIR 4000 system
  • Full 3D and LineScan display mode options
  • Operating temperature of -4°F to 104°F
  • IP-64 environmental rating
  • Various language options (English, French, Chinese, and Japanese)


What stands out with the StructureScan Pro is the lightweight nature of the device, ease of transportation, and offering no site hazards that are commonly caused by radiography. The two antenna options also make this an attractive GPR system since professionals can select the option that best fits the job they are working on. Antenna upgrades are also available if expanded survey capability or applications are needed. The customization options of the StructureScan Pro make it one of the most versatile GPR systems on the market.


Considered to be a luxury GPR system, the StructureScan Pro offers a scanning interval of up to 4,000 scans per second and can provide several hundred or even thousands of samples per scan. The operating mode can be set to detect specific targets, distances, or simply be continuous in time mode. With multiple available ports, users can further customize the StructureScan Pro depending on their specific needs.


Which GPR System Is Right For You?


Just because a particular GPR system has all the features you could need, and then some, doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you or your company. It’s important to focus on your individual needs, the types of readings and measurements you require, how quickly and clearly you need to see data, and other factors specific to the types of jobs you complete. A GPR system with a lot of bells and whistles can be costly, but the cost is well worth it if you utilize the features it offers. Otherwise, the mini versions of the StructureScan products may be suitable for your needs.


After evaluating the features on paper, consider taking training courses or watching product demonstrations to see how the features relate to what you need. A GPR system is an important investment, so your diligence in researching various models will pay off when you need it most. Not only will it make completing scanning jobs much easier, but your professional reputation also depends on the reliability and accuracy of the equipment you use.

Always Have The Outdoor Gear You Need With Subscription Boxes


Gun lovers and outdoor enthusiasts usually have at least one thing in common: their passion for the outdoors is year-round. Always having the supplies needed for any situation is important, so you can simply drop everything you’re doing and head out without having to buy a lot of things. An innovation today that many people are excited about are subscription boxes for gun lovers


These boxes cost a small monthly fee, and a new box gets delivered to your doorstep every month. The products contained in them vary, and after several months, subscribers can expect to have a wide variety of gun accessories, tools, and equipment. One of the most exciting subscription boxes concepts is not knowing what you’ll receive any given month, but knowing each of the products will be useful in some ways. We’ve taken a closer look at what the hype is all about regarding subscription boxes for gun lovers, what products may be contained within them, and how you can participate in the concept if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner.


What Products Are Contained In Subscription Boxes?


The best subscription boxes contain a mixture of a few items ranging from tactical gear to EDC gear and survival goods to gun accessories. A common theme among subscription boxes for gun lovers is that their products are useful for everyone. Your box may contain a pocket knife, a gun shooting stabilizer, a fire starter, and a few shooting targets one month. Another month you may receive a nice flashlight, some rope, hand wipes, a t-shirt, and a thermos. 


The main idea with these subscription boxes is to appeal to a wide range of people. Some months it may seem like the box was designed specifically for you, and other months you may know a fellow outdoorsman who could use some of the items more than you. The good thing about subscription boxes for gun lovers is the value of an individual box is so high, it’s worth the subscription price even when you receive items you don’t necessarily need.


Are Subscription Boxes A Good Value?


The value of subscription boxes for gun lovers is what makes for an attractive purchase. Gun and outdoor enthusiasts may receive more than $100 worth of products any given month but only have to pay around $50 per month for the subscription price. This almost makes it seem like the consumer is getting certain products for free to an extent because they are essentially receiving them at a wholesale cost. And with most companies that offer subscription boxes, you can cancel your subscription at any time if the products you receive aren’t what you need or if you believe the value isn’t worth it. Companies work hard every month to put together useful products in the box, so most of the time, your patience gets rewarded with high-quality tools and products delivered to your doorstep. Even if you don’t find many useful items for your personal needs one month, the next month may contain multiple items you can directly use, so the value evens out over time.


Gun Lovers Can Have First Dibs On Exciting New Products


Some people wonder how they can receive such a great deal on products through a subscription box. The secret is really no secret at all. Manufacturers and business owners often want to test out new products to see what the consumer response will be, and a great way for them to do that is to give them to a company selling subscription boxes at their wholesale price. This helps the manufacturer get their name and product inside the homes of gun lovers and outdoor enthusiasts when they may not have purchased them from a store otherwise. It creates a win-win situation since the manufacturer gets brand exposure, and consumers get to try exciting new products before the general public even has access to them sometimes. And what keeps manufacturers and business owners motivated to participate in the subscription box business model is their brand name continues showing up on people’s doorsteps, which creates trust with the brand and can lead to future sales.


Consider Giving The Gift Of Gun Supplies And Accessories


If you’re uncertain whether signing up for a subscription box of outdoor accessories is right for you, some companies offer the opportunity to purchase one box without a subscription just to see what’s contained in it. At that point, you can decide whether you want to subscribe. Just keep in mind that you can cancel your subscription at any point, so you have much more to gain than you have to lose. 


And if you have a gun lover or outdoor enthusiast as a friend or family member, consider giving the gift of a subscription box. It’s hard to know what outdoor enthusiasts need since they may have already purchased everything for their hobbies. However, the unique thing about subscription boxes for gun lovers is they often contain useful products that even the most extreme enthusiast has never seen or heard of before. These exciting products are what make subscription boxes enjoyable to receive for any outdoor enthusiast.


Have A Great Product Idea? It Could Be Included In A Subscription Box


Some of the products contained in subscription boxes for gun lovers are still in the testing phase before they hit retail shops. This is a great way for small business owners and entrepreneurs to get their products to people without having a significant inventory. If you have a useful outdoor product idea, but the product may not be completely finalized yet, consider including it in a subscription box. You can view it as an advertising and marketing strategy since you can guarantee people will look at your product when it shows up on their doorstep. Gauge the customer’s response to the product, and you can put together a better strategy for growth and also help you determine what to set the market price at based on the response received.


One of the most common themes for gun lovers and outdoor enthusiasts is collecting goods and useful items. Their motto is they don’t want to throw anything away because they never know when they may need it. This is exactly why subscription boxes for gun lovers are so valuable and popular. You can keep the items for their intended purpose or use them for something completely different. And if you already have multiple things of a similar product, then you can surely find another outdoor enthusiast who will appreciate receiving it. The value is hard to beat, especially when everything in the box is useful for different applications.

3D Mammography at Columbus oBGYN Offers a Revolutionary Healthcare Experience


Getting a regular mammogram is critical. There are many tools that women can use to screen for breast cancer, including self-examination. However, the mammogram remains the most reliable tool for identifying potential breast cancer in its early stages. This is important as breast cancer’s survival rate is highest when caught in its early stages. It’s recommended that women begin getting their annual mammogram starting at about the age of 45, though some women may begin earlier, at about 40 years of age. 


However, some women may be anxious about getting a mammogram, which can lead them to prolong the amount of time it takes to begin getting their mammograms. Others may extend the amount of time it takes between mammograms or avoid getting mammograms altogether. Fortunately, some options may make it a little easier for some women to get this important diagnostic testing done. With 3D mammography, which is available at Columbus OBGYN, mammograms are a more comfortable experience. This is because the breast is only compressed once, and it is the machine that moves around the breast tissue. In fact, approximately 86% of the women who have used the Senographe Pristina by GE Healthcare have noted that this 3D mammography experience is much more comfortable than other traditional types of mammography. 


Because it is not as painful, women who may otherwise have avoided getting a mammogram will be more likely to schedule this much-needed test. However, there are many other key benefits to 3D mammography as well. Among the key advantages of 3D mammography such as that used by Columbus OBGYN is that it is much clearer than traditional mammography technology. This makes it much more effective when used on dense breast tissue. 


Additionally, in many instances, 3D mammography helps catch breast cancer earlier than other types of mammogram technology because it can paint such a clear picture. As already mentioned, the earlier breast cancer is detected, the higher an individual’s likelihood is of survival. This alone highlights how effective 3D mammography can be in the fight against breast cancer and other breast diseases. 


In addition to being able to catch breast cancer earlier, the clear image that this technology provides can also potentially help catch more cancers and help provide a more accurate idea of the size of cancers when they are caught. These two factors can also play a tremendous role in helping save women’s lives and is a big part of why clinics such as Columbus OBGYN are opting to begin using 3D mammography to screen for breast cancer. 


Overall, 3D mammography can potentially improve the detection of invasive cancers by as much as 40%. It can only be hoped that more clinics follow the lead of Columbus OBGYN as this is a fantastic technology that gives an increasing number of women the ability to continue living their lives thanks to the early detection of what could otherwise be a life threatening disease. Women interested in receiving a 3D mammogram with Columbus OBGYN have the option to do so at any of the clinic’s locations and even have the option of combining their visit with their annual exam and enjoying just one convenient co-pay. 

Take The Right Steps To Become A Successful Franchise Builder



Real estate investors always look for great opportunities to take advantage of. And in the real estate industry as a whole, you have to quickly utilize the resources available to you so opportunities do not pass by. As a franchise builder, you have to understand the demographic that presents the best chances for success. At this time, the 55+ demographic (also known as Baby Boomers) is largely underserved but are more willing than ever before to branch out into new communities. Becoming a franchise builder is simpler than ever before but requires knowledge, dedication, and the willingness to take direction from experts to achieve success.


How To Become A Franchise Builder


The first step to becoming a franchise builder is locating a recognized and reputable homebuilding franchise. Visit the communities a particular franchise owns and then ask them how to get started. Most of the time, the process entails filling out information request forms, connecting with business development specialists to answer questions and provide more information, and determining whether there is a mutual fit.


It’s important to understand that homebuilding franchises only want to work with serious people about becoming a franchise builder. So these first steps are considered to be interviews for both parties to determine whether the fit feels natural or not. Once a potential franchise builder understands the homebuilding franchise’s processes and strategies completely, formal applications can be filled out to nail down finances and other important aspects. At that point, you’ll be ready to begin training, planning, and developing homes and neighborhoods to be on your way to being a successful franchise builder.


Research And Education Make Successful Franchise Builders


The mark of a successful franchise builder is the willingness and desire to educate themselves and research what will make the best communities. You may have a great vision for what a community should look like, but if the data and statistics don’t back up your vision, then it takes discipline to go the other direction. One of the largest markets today is the 55-and-older demographic. The desire for this demographic to live in low-maintenance homes has increased significantly over the years.


As a franchise builder, focusing on this demographic can prove valuable and quickly turn a profit since the people don’t usually have as many financial strains as younger demographics. The yearly gains in the over-55 housing market have been consistent in recent years, and projections indicate those gains will continue for the foreseeable future. Researching what this demographic wants and providing it to them will increase your chances for success as a franchise builder.


Effective Tips For Making A Profit


The first and most important aspect of making a profit as a franchise builder is to partner with an experienced homebuilding franchise that puts their potential customers first. Don’t be afraid to ask your targeted demographic about what they want to see in a home, why they would choose to live in a particular community, and what aspects would make them move to a new community quicker. The more time and effort you put into researching your targeted demographic, the higher the chances are of turning a profit. And as you continue your career as a franchise builder, you will slowly earn a positive reputation and see your earnings increase exponentially as a result.


Design And Build What Baby Boomers Want


Baby Boomers are the most important demographic a franchise builder should focus on today. While there is a market for other demographics, a common theme among Baby Boomers is they know exactly what they want and often aren’t willing to compromise. As a franchise builder, this should make your job easier when you have specific directions, and all you have to do is execute the plan to meet their vision. Being flexible is critical for this demographic since they will likely want their home to be personalized to meet their exact needs. The more upgrades and features you offer, the better experience you’ll provide, and you’ll achieve personal success quicker as well.


If you’re unsure whether being a franchise builder is right for you, research reputable homebuilding franchises and don’t hesitate to ask questions until you receive the answers you need. There are huge opportunities available in the industry, and working with the right company can determine how successful you are. The key takeaways are to be open to learning, researching, taking guidance and direction from others, and, most importantly, listening to your targeted customer base and delivering exactly what they desire.

A Copper Kitchen And Bathroom Sink From Sinkology Instantly Enhances Your Space


Some of the most common home improvements start in the kitchen or bathroom. While a lot of the focus and emphasis gets placed on wall colors, cabinetry, general layout, and other factors, a common element in both rooms is the sink. Instead of keeping your old kitchen or bathroom sink in your existing space or getting a new one that looks exactly like the previous one, spice up your space with a sink from Sinkology. Copper and fireclay sinks offer unique and timeless looks and can be great additions to any home decor.


Unique And Timeless Kitchen Sinks


When it comes to installing a new kitchen sink in your space, Sinkology knows homeowners have many different options to choose from. Copper sinks offer a unique design that is sure to catch your eye immediately when you see it. With various shapes and sizes, homeowners are certain to find the perfect fit for their kitchen. And the great thing about copper sinks is they match any home decor, so you won’t have to worry about it looking out of place. They require a bit of care and minor maintenance, but the beauty they display makes it worth having.


If you’re looking for a neutral color kitchen sink that still offers a unique appearance, then a fireclay farmhouse sink is a worthy option. Sinkology offers durable and elegant fireclay that will stand the test of time. These sinks require very little maintenance and can handle day-to-day use with ease. Various options are available to ensure you find a perfect fit for your kitchen.


High-Quality Elegant Bathroom Products


Not many things look more timeless and elegant than a high-quality copper bathroom sink. Whether you like the traditional drop-in sinks, vessel sinks, or under-mount sinks, copper can enhance the entire look and feel of your bathroom. Add a few copper bathroom accessories or decor and your bathroom space can be the ultimate place for relaxation at the end of a hard day.


Sinkology also offers freestanding copper bathtubs that offer plenty of space and a sleek, rustic design. Paired with a copper sink or not, a copper bathtub will instantly become the focal point of any bathroom and give it a high-end feel. Copper bathtubs are easy to maintain and clean and will look brand new for years to come when cared for properly.


Find Beauty In Your Home And Lifestyle


Sometimes the simplest things in life can give you the inner and outer beauty you’ve been looking for in your home and lifestyle. Copper and fireclay sinks provide exactly that and can look great for a lifetime when properly maintained. Copper naturally develops earthy tones and changes surface colors slightly over time depending on how it’s used. And when you use specific products to maintain it, you have some control over what the final color looks like. 


Discoloration is possible, as it is with virtually any type of sink, but it can be minimized with proper care. Acidic foods and drinks should not be left in contact with the sink for very long and harsh abrasive cleaners should never be used. Aside from these few tips, the best thing to do to maintain the beautiful timeless look of your copper sink is to clean and dry it after each use. The results are well worth the effort for all of your kitchen and bathroom products from Sinkology.

Editorial Recommendations at


Times sure have changed! When it comes to Editorial Recommendations, we can learn a lot from looking at how these articles have been used over the years, from their early days of publication in journals and magazines to their current use on eCommerce websites such as Not only that but looking at the changes that have taken place over the last several years in the world of Editorial Recommendations can help us learn some new things about the approach we should take when writing these articles and working with them. After all, gone are the days when we simply wrote them, published them, and let them do their job. 


Today, Editorial Recommendations need to be a lot more evergreen than they were in the past. These articles can live on sites such as for potentially years at a time, which is why it’s so important for those writing these articles to know what they need to be doing to make sure Editorial Recommendations can continue working long after they first go live. Several steps can be taken to make sure Editorial Recommendations can remain useful to both customers and publishers for a long while. Notably, it is vital to continually refresh Editorial Recommendations with new and relevant content over time. Not only will this keep them up to date, but it will also allow them to continue being a driving economic force for the website they are published on. 


Editorial Recommendations Can Last


Among the first things to note is that Editorial Recommendations can and should be written to be as evergreen as possible in the first place. In the early days when Editorial Recommendations were written for print publications, it was much more common for these types of articles to be written on trending topics. It would not be surprising to find a list of items under review such as the “Best Holiday Dresses for 2008” or the “Top Car Products of 2011”. However, there is a big reason these types of trendy Editorial Recommendations do not work as well as they used to. Back in the day of print publication, a person might have read through this type of article a few times before they threw out their journal or magazine, and the article was promptly forgotten. 


Now things are entirely different. That article can stay online for quite a while, with some of the oldest Editorial Recommendations to be found online at sites such as dating back several years. Additionally, while “Right to be Forgotten” laws apply in Europe, which require search results be taken down after a set amount of time upon request, these same laws do not apply in other countries, including America. This means that the amount of time an Editorial Recommendation can remain online currently remains indefinite. 


One thing to remember is that because the amount of time they are published on a website such as remains indefinite, continuing to refresh these articles with the most relevant information possible ensures they will not become outdated (at best) or even potentially embarrassing (at worst) to the publisher and website. For example, if a product was initially published within an Editorial Recommendation and then later found to be faulty or even dangerous to use, recommending it to potential customers could be incredibly problematic. This brings us to something that it is important to note—in the world of Editorial Recommendations, information can age much more quickly than you may realize.


Editorial Recommendations Can Age Quickly


Can you remember the must-have toy of the holiday season from last year? How about the toy every child had to have two years ago, or three years ago? The point I am trying to make is this—trends change quickly. When writing Editorial Recommendations, including trendy and must-have items can make for a more interesting article that will lead to a lot of purchases, but it can also lead to an article that will likely become dated much more quickly. 


For one thing, these items tend to go out of style and out of fashion faster than other types of items such as everyday necessities or home goods. However, you may be likely to encounter another issue when writing Editorial Recommendations, especially for bustling eCommerce sites such as, which is that trendy and bestselling products tend to go out of stock quickly. This is especially true with products such as children’s toys or clothing items that are only sold on a seasonal basis. Sellers may only release a certain amount of these products over a few months. After this, no more of the item may be released, which means the item’s listing will eventually go dead. 


Another issue that can arise is the decline in the reputation of certain items. This is an especially big problem when new products hit the market, and consumers have not thoroughly tested them. Only after the products have received more extensive use can more information be available about the products. Having Editorial Recommendations not provide accurate information about a product or include products that now have a less-than-stellar reputation diminishes the overall credibility not only of the article itself but of you as a publisher. This is why it is crucial to be sure you are checking on your Editorial Recommendations, noting whether there are dead links on products, and making a note of current reviews on products to determine whether there are any items that have suffered significant declines in their reviews and rankings.


Editorial Recommendations Can Be Kept Fresh


While it may seem like a challenge to keep an Editorial Recommendation fresh, especially if it has been online for quite some time, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. One thing that you should remember is that putting in the work to keep up with your Editorial Recommendations over time requires much less effort than rewriting a single article, and doing this can lead to significant returns.


Among the most important things to pay attention to include aforementioned declines in revenue from items out of stock or decreases in an item’s popularity. If you have noticed an Editorial Recommendation is not performing as well as it did in the past, it’s worth looking at the items on that list and determining where the issue lies. 


Another thing to note is the keyword set used for that Editorial Recommendation. It is the keywords that drive people to find these articles as they search for items on Pay attention to the keyword set being used for the competition to get a better idea of what you should be using for your Editorial Recommendations.


Finally, if there comes a time when you need to find new products to replace items that have declined in popularity to the point where they no longer suit your article or in cases where the listing has died, the simplest fix is to use a new ASIN. This can quickly and efficiently resolve the issue in most cases. Always remember that there is most often no need to write an entirely new Editorial Recommendation. Simply updating the copy and finding new items can go a long way toward ensuring continued success, whether you are publishing on or any other eCommerce website.


Be Programmatic


It can be tempting when you see declines in your revenue to abandon what you’re doing and start from scratch. However, there’s no reason to do that, and dropping your current set of Editorial Recommendations can be a tremendous waste! All you need to do is give your Editorial Recommendations a little bit of TLC, and they can continue to thrive online for years to come. 


However, it should be noted that if you want to manage your Editorial Recommendations this way, especially when working on any large eCommerce platform, be it, Amazon, or elsewhere, it is vital to take a systematic approach. Be certain you have good data, use data analytics, and have the eCommerce know-how to make your Editorial Recommendations work for you, now and well into the future.


By doing all of this, you can craft an approach to writing and managing Editorial Recommendations that will guarantee your success from the outset and beyond. While these articles have certainly changed over the years, they have also given publishers many great new opportunities to find success. Whether you are new to this side of publishing or looking to step up your game, there are many things you can do to ensure that not only are you successful but that you will remain successful in the world of Editorial Recommendations at and beyond.

Editorial Recommendations are a Growing Segment


There’s been a lot of talk about Editorial Recommendations among those in publishing lately and for a good reason. There is the potential to build a steady stream of revenue by writing and posting articles on Amazon through its Onsite Associates Program, and because of this, an increasing number of publishers are now looking to join in and see what Editorial Recommendations on the platform have to offer. However, it is not just the publishers writing the Editorial Recommendations on the platform that benefits from the program. Both consumers reading these articles and Amazon have plenty to gain, which is just one of the many reasons why the Onsite Associates Program is a steadily growing segment on the eCommerce site. 


Publishers are Joining the Amazon Onsite Publisher Program


The Amazon Onsite Publisher Program was first launched in 2018 and since then has partnered with numerous publications, including names such as Sleepopolis and Simplemost. Many of the publishers that are now working with the invite-only program were already creating content using affiliate links. A great number of those working as an Amazon Onsite Publisher have opted to simply repurpose existing content for use on the platform. This had made it a simple process for many publishers to create large amounts of content to post onto the site, something that is important due to the click-based and commission-based nature of the program. While at first the number of publishers invited onto the platform was relatively small, it now seems that Amazon has begun to invite an increasing number of participants. This has its pros and cons. 


Of course, the fact that Amazon is now sending out more invitations means there is greater potential to be invited on as an Amazon Onsite Publisher. One of the issues with this is that as more publishers are invited onto the platform, and more articles are written, there will be more competition when it comes to getting articles in front of readers on the eCommerce website. This has the potential to be a big problem for many publishers, especially as Amazon is notoriously secretive about the algorithms it uses when it comes to which Editorial Recommendations are seen by individuals when they search for terms such as “best two-person tent” or “best dog chews.” 


Indeed some publishers have seen their revenues drop by almost 70%, without explanation from Amazon. Amazon is notoriously opaque about what tests it runs on articles, and what it is looking for in an article. Publishers who aren’t paying attention to the data will get left behind as the program evolves. 


Editorial Recommendations Make Life Easier for Shoppers


When considering the problems that could be in store with the number of Editorial Recommendations on Amazon growing, you might think that Amazon may consider putting the brakes on its program sometimes in the future. However, there are no signs that it plans to cut down on the invitations it is sending out for its Amazon Onsite Publisher Program. There is a good reason for this. 


Editorial Recommendations are quickly proving to make life much easier for shoppers on the eCommerce site in a way that normal reviews do not. One way that Editorial Recommendations can do this is by cutting down the number of products that a shopper has to browse through when they search for a product. A typical search on Amazon using a term such as “best car seat” can potentially show thousands of results. However, Editorial Recommendations can show a curated list of three or four options that are a reliable option that many other shoppers have used and approved of in the past. 


You may think that reading reviews of a product can serve the same purpose. After all, by reading reviews of products, shoppers can gain real insight into what other people thought about the product they are considering buying. However, a single product on Amazon can potentially have hundreds if not thousands of reviews, especially if it is a best selling item. It can be challenging and time-consuming to read through all of these reviews. However, Editorial Recommendations can break down the information that people would be reading in a typical review, highlighting the main points about the product and giving them key information they need to know to make a sound purchasing decision. 


Finally, one of the things that Editorial Recommendations offer is the voice of a third party. Having someone besides the seller give their stamp of approval on a product can make a potential buyer feel more confident about their purchasing decision. This is especially true if an Amazon Onsite Publisher has already built up credibility on the site and is someone that the shopper already feels that they can trust. On that note, as Editorial Recommendations on the site grow and more publishers are invited to work with the program, it will become increasingly important for the newer publishers to work quickly to build authority and credibility in their space so they will be able to compete with those publishers who have already been working on the platform since it first launched.


Amazon Won’t Be Alone for Long


When you look at Amazon and its Editorial Recommendations program now, it is clear to see just how much it has grown in only a few short years. While only a few other retailers have followed suit so far, the continual growth of Amazon’s Editorial Recommendations and the success that the eCommerce platform has garnered due to this program is sure to entice others to begin starting up their own similar programs sooner rather than later. Retailers should be able to see just how many benefits these programs have to offer, from being able to improve the shopping experience for customers, making it easier for them to find the products they need, to being able to inspire more shoppers to make purchases because they feel more confident in what they are purchasing.


It should also be noted that some publishers are now taking the opportunity to begin launching their own eCommerce platforms, bypassing the need for affiliate programs such as the Amazon Onsite Publisher Program altogether. It remains to be seen just how effective a move like this may be as there is much potential for a publisher to lose credibility. Many readers who come to these publishers may see Editorial Recommendations that link to purchases from the publisher itself Advertorial rather than Editorial content. This is why for now, it may still be better for the majority of publishers to continue to work within the Amazon Onsite Publisher Program and other similar programs offered by retailers.


Regardless of what a publisher is interested in doing, there is plenty of potential for those who want to work with Editorial Recommendations. From Amazon to other eCommerce platforms, there is plenty of work available for publishers who have a keen eye for creating intelligent and authoritative content that can speak to readers and help them make smarter and more confident decisions regarding what they want to buy, whether they are searching for the hottest new laptop computer on the market, want to pick up some power tools for the garage, or just want to find the perfect toys for their little ones.

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