Buying a car
It may be a great idea, if you plan to take it back home, especially in Europe (see in bureaucracy section, you can save 30+ thousand dollars on tariffs/tax/price, depending on a model- from previous experience, you can save a lot on some Jeep, Subaru, Mazda, and Nissan models). Always negotiate the price for a new car, relying on info from websites such as CarsDirect. Dariusz did it twice, always was at least able to meet the price from CarsDirect.

Austin A110 Westminster MkII head

If you buy a used car (which Dariusz did once, but you should be aware it is a snake pit), definitely invest into CarFax (a website listing all major accidents for a car, basing on its VIN number), and also check Kelley Blue Book to estimate the used car actual value. Whether you buy a car, or just rent, AAA membership is good in case things go wrong on the road and quite cheap.

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