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Hello Harvard!


In the last two weeks, HGSE has taught me the importance of reflection in achieving meaningful personal growth. Today, #t509massive has convinced me to take my reflections online.

Coming from a background deeply rooted in science, the act of writing without purpose has been challenging if not absolutely impossible. My classmates have seen me cringe, complain, and cry when the word reflection is even whispered by professors. However, this is the year of the yes! The number of uncomfortable situations I have embraced in the past 14 days likely rivals the uncomfortable experiences I stumbled across during medical school and residency. A large part of this is merely due to the imposter complex of being at Harvard and being in an education program as someone without specific education training. BUT, it’s only for one short year… I better get over it fast.

The feeling that comes with being outside of my comfort zone sucks, but it means that I’m in a situation that I can learn from. I’m here to learn from my colleagues, and as my mentor said, “build confidence from within.”

Hello Harvard. Thanks for having me!

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