The election will take place by electronic ballot mailed out to each degree and certificate student. Dean Neugeboren will facilitate the emailing of the ballots. Ballots will go out Monday morning, May 25th and the electronic polls will close at 12:00pm Friday, May 29th. The election results will be announced the next day at the final HESA Barbeque on Saturday, May 30th.

Please look out for an email from Dean Neugeboren or the Extension School. It will contain a special link coded specifically to your email on file with the extension school registrar’s office. Click into that link and you will be taken to a website (typically something like survey monkey) where you will be able to anonymously cast your vote.

If you do not receive such an email on May 25th and you are in a degree or certificate program, please contact Dean Neugeboren at “” or contact me at “”.