Dear Member of Harvard Extension Student Association,

I am ‘Ram Dhan’ Yadav, Kotamaraja, ALMM (Master of Liberal Arts in Management). I am running for the Office of the Vice President of Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) for the academic year 2009 – 2010.

Ram Dhan Yadav Kotamaraja for President

I am the nominated Vice President of HESA for the academic year 2008-2009. I am also serving as an advisor for Harvard Extension Business Society and successfully promoted it among extension school student body. This year, I am excited to have the opportunity to serve you again.

Managing an organization like HESA is a very challenging job. To produce desirable results within a span of one year term, HESA leadership must have the following attributes:

• Contribution
• Leadership
• Vision

Contribution: HESA and its affiliated student clubs conduct a wide variety of activities throughout the year. One can participate and contribute in these activities by taking up active official or volunteer roles. This type of involvement gives an understanding of various challenges involved in organizing these activities and also helps to get an understanding of the needs of students.

Leadership: From my perspective an effective leader not only demonstrates leadership but also fosters leadership by encouraging the fellow students to emerge as leaders and actively contribute to the student life activities.

Vision: HESA leaders should have a powerful vision that can lead the organization on a growth trajectory. They should have a vision to establish sustainable systems and processes in place that will build institutional memory that sustains over long term.

In this election there are only two candidates with the above attributes. I am one of the candidates and the other candidate is the Presidential candidate Andre Bisasor

From the time I got enrolled in my courses at HES I started actively participating in various HESA activities. Immediately after getting admitted in ALMM program I became an active contributor and got nominated as the Vice President of HESA for academic year 2008-2009. As the VP of HESA, I was able to network with several students and identified leaders who could revive Harvard Extension Business society (HEBS). I have been actively involved in the organization as an advisor and an active contributor. Even though HEBS started its activities in spring 2009, it was able to attract several speakers from the Industry for its Friday speaker series. All the speaker series attracted generous student participation. Succeeding in reviving the HEBS is a major accomplishment. I have the vision to leverage my experience with HESA and work on streamlining the processes, increase the reach of HESA activities among the HES students and stimulate more student club activities to increase the quality of student life.

If you believe that I can be an effective Vice President, I urge you to become a supporter and spread the word.

Thank you for your support,
‘Ram Dhan’ Yadav Kotamaraja

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How To Vote:

The election will take place by electronic ballot mailed out to each degree and certificate student. Dean Neugeboren will facilitate the emailing of the ballots. Ballots will go out Monday morning, May 25th and the electronic polls will close at 12:00pm Friday, May 29th. The election results will be announced the next day at the final HESA Barbeque on Saturday, May 30th.

Please look out for an email from Dean Neugeboren or the Extension School. It will contain a special link coded specifically to your email on file with the extension school registrar’s office. Click into that link and you will be taken to a website (typically something like survey monkey) where you will be able to anonymously cast your vote. If you do not receive such an email on May 25th and you are in a degree or certificate program, please contact Dean Neugeboren at “neugebor@fas” or contact me at “rdykotam@fas”.