The Machine

Posted on February 16th, 2007 by Randomly Chosen.
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I asked a fellow classmate about how he spent his previous night and whether or not he was able to do what he had promised himself, “study”.

“Nope”… he said, “I was on the computer… and I don’t know what I was doing.”

“Same here”, I said, “I spend hours on youtube, and I don’t know how my nights and days get wasted.”

Come to think of it: even now, I am using a Web 2.0 platform to write this blog post. I used to learn things better 3 years ago. And now, every single hallway has computer kiosk to check our email, blog and what not. We get a break midway through a lecture, and everyone goes to a kiosk, quickly checks their email, facebook, blog or what have you. Three years ago, I could focus on my books and notes, without ever feeling like “I need to check my emails” because partly, I wouldn’t get any emails. And now: (more…)