Le visite à la Université de Toronto:

Why the French? Just to make the heading more catchy, by no means this is a French post.

Some might know I was a second year dropout from UofT, I was actually quite depressed back then to take on the law degree and not be able to finish up here.  So I promised myself on going back after my graduation.  Its meaning became a little less now, since I really think I might have made the correct decision. I feel relieved after all these years struggling on whether what “would’ve” happened if I stayed.  After going to a first year biology class again, I came to believe that UT was not the best fit for me.  It was too intense, and I have no interest in the contents whatsoever.  I didn’t know how I managed to pass it back then, though I still managed to do quite well in most of my courses, but I’ve definitely paid the price of time in studying.  The goal of become a doctor shall be left to someone else, not that I can’t do it, but I don’t think I can take the burden of saving other’s lives.

At the end of the day, I’m actually not doing too bad right now, not only can my dropout credits be counted towards the Ontario Bar assessment, but it has also helped me gain better knowledge to this world.  Guess it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Quote of the day:

“Speak now or forever hold your peace.” – William E. Seltz:  Professor of Financial Statement Analysis

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J-Term experience!

Originally I was going to do what I’ve always done on holidays: have fun and relax!  Until the day I came across a job posting on Crimson Careers from Toronto.  I’ve never came across any job postings there, and since I was actually in Toronto for a month, I decided to give it a go. 

Basically, it is a newly established non-profit company called Toronto Homecoming.  My role is a research associate that goes to interviews and does meetings with senior managers  to hear their take on the topic of having international candidates returning to Canada to work.  Not only did I met managers from different fields (but mainly from finance), I got the chance to tour around downtown Toronto.  By going into different buildings and places, I got to know the area a lot better than in my university times. 

Another bonus is that I’ve learnt to communicate more effectively.  My bosses (I guess I shouldn’t mention names here) have been great help on leading the conversations and I just had to follow up on what’s said.

For now it is still about initial conferences and event planning.  Which was already out of my expectations.  Way better than what I’d thought it would be like.  I’ve got some very good connections.  I would not urge everyone to apply for J-term experience if you have the chance.  Certainly it is one of the privileges of being in Harvard (where your chances of getting hired have been substantially increased!).  It is something that one must have for their profile.

All in all, Toronto Homecoming provided me a great platform in my J-term experience.  It gave me an opportunity to enhance myself and improve on some of my weak skills.  I wish their group the very success in the future!

Quote of the day:

“I said many things, I don’t remember what I said” – Hamza Aburezak: Professor of Corporate Finance

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2010 Course Review/ New Year’s Outlook!

First day of the year, and I already got the experience of waking up late for a best friend’s meeting.  My sincere apologies to this friend here!  Wish you every success in your upcoming journey!

With that said, I’d like to take the chance to write one of the most important articles in this blog: the 2010 Course Review.  It would be an all out summary of what the courses are like and what should be expected from it.  Hopefully it will be of impact and informative for anyone majoring in Finance and Management.

Business Analysis and Valuation (MGMT E-2620) (Professor Viktoria Dalko) – Impressed, just impressed. I would consider this course to be one of the hardest course in the extension (apart from Corporate Finance, which I haven’t took yet), and would be considered a capstone course.  My personal experience is that it is quite hard at the beginning, but it gets easier as you learn more, and eventually mastering the subject at the end.  A case study based course, probably most people aren’t too familiar with it, where you finish a case study, submit it, and learn from your mistakes (of course, you’d probably get a bad mark too).  Hanging on means that you’ll do well in class as the situation would improve.  It also gets easier because along the way you’d meet friends that are willing to share their ideas and work with you.  All my good friends are known from that class, and I felt extremely lucky about it. Professor Dalko and her crew (Deepu and Rainer) is great on their teaching, and is helpful when you need it.  They would even go to the extent of emailing you at 5am in the morning! Time isn’t a concern in that class, you’d be working 24/7 anyways.  I do recommend it fully and also her Mergers and Acquisition class, same structure, different contents, looks even more fun! (I’ve seen people doing both classes together, but I think it made their life miserable). At the end, a tentative A- is well deserved

Investment Theory and Applications (MGMT E-2740) (Professor Donald L. Santini) – Let’s start with the professor (probably that’s the only thing to talk about anyways): He is charming, smart, old, selfish, nice, chatty, talkative.  By going to class, you get the benefit of knowing his WHOLE life in a nutshell. How he became a soldier, how he races, how he doesn’t like bringing an umbrella, what he does at home, how he lawns his garden etc. etc. What’s important is that when the time really comes (exams I mean), he really does test what has been taught in class.  It might sound weird, but occasionally some information you might miss reading from the textbook and he mentioned would be on the exams.  When you talk about it with some friends (despite no one really read the textbook anyways), we all remember some tricky answers!  Overall, the course is rated easy (I’m not sure if I’ve learnt a lot from it), but certainly he made it a great experience for all of us there. Looking forward to the A grade.

Strategic Management (MGMT E-5000) (Professor Joseph Chevarley, Professor Timothy Bowman) – I would have to say it’s an easy course, but it is also the course I dislike the most.  In terms of content and grading, it is really the worst case scenario.  Out of the 3 courses I took this term, this shall be the easiest course, but it may also be the one with the lowest grade.  Assignment wise is easy, you should’ve learnt everything from Business Analysis and Valuation, but I just don’t understand why the grading is so hard.  Also, participation counts of 25% of the grade, which for some people who doesn’t like to talk drops down to a C+ already!  Therefore, despite an easy course: a tentative B+ is expected

2011 Outlook

4 courses next term! Chosen to be:

  • Corporate Finance, 
  • Strategy, Conflict and Cooperation, 
  • Economics of Business,
  • Financial Statement Analysis.

I will write the detailed analysis after the term begins.  So far, it looks like it’d be a challenging last term. Let’s hope everything is going to work out fine. Rate of success: 85%

Upon graduation, we step towards my first attempt for the New York Bar Exam.  My plan is to use a full 2 months of studying. I’d really wish I can pass this to obtain my first law license.  Rate of success: 60%

In December, there would be a high chance to take 6-7 challenge exams for the Ontario Bar.  Another epic battle in life, and let’s hope for the success in this 2nd law license also.  Time dedicated: 3 months; Rate of success: 70%

Fully an exam year, let’s hope (and I really wish) it will work out the way I want it.  If there is ever a god in this world, this is going to be the time I’m going to say: “I need your assistance”. I certainly would study hard, but I need luck and your help to make the exam to fit my work. Hope it’s not too much to wish for.

Certainly I can tell it is going to be a hard year, I feel the pressure.  But you never know how it comes out until you give it a go.  This is my resolution to life. 

Lastly, I hope to come back at the end of the year and smile at my accomplishments!

Quotes of the Day:

“My opinions are always right…….in my opinion.” – Donald L. Santini

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The Best Moments of 2010~~

As some people may have noted, I haven’t updated my blog for the longest time ever!  As such, it is an extremely exciting, fun, and eventful term for me. Knowing tonnes of new friends, going out, exploring the place was a lot to do already! Not to mention we still have classes and had to work together for all these months! Great days.

Nevertheless, some people are concerned about the student life over here.  I would be one of the many examples that really enjoyed it, and I am sure you will too! Boston itself is a nice place, but with Harvard inside, it’s even better!

Let me recall what I did over the past semester:

On the first week arriving at Boston, obviously the first thing a reasonable student would do is………..visit Harvard! Get your student card, be ready for class. Explore the city and restaurants.

With that done, you head outside of the city.  There’s a pretty big outlet mall outskirt, Wrentham Village Premium Outlets.  It’s a nice and cheap place, but because I just came down from New York, I haven’t caught anything worth getting.

Then, a trip (or maybe 2 trips!) to Cape Cod.  A gayish city, I heard 70% of the population there are gay. Gay’s good, friendly people, loved the city.  Went there for the lobster roll, had it, amazing!! (don’t want to describe it cause it’ll ruin the mystery for everyone, it’s just that good).  Went into another Lobster restaurant place for dinner (Lobster Pot), absolutely stunning! Recommend everyone to try it out.  The next week we basically went back to go whale watching (that was ok, but I suggest going to the aquarium more).  Nevertheless, still a good experience to see it up close.  After, we went back to Lobster Pot for dinner (see how much we like it?)

That was the first few weeks of school, in between there was the Harvard Extension Business Society (HEBS) welcoming events, and Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) events.  Would recommend everyone to join or just go meet some new people there, people come and go here, so every term we have different people leaving and joining.  It’s just a great way to start knowing people along the way and build up friendships.

After slacking a bit for the first few weeks, things started to take off.  Work is overloaded, readings are stacked, but that wouldn’t affect my schedule!  Apart from doing those necessity stuff, I went to conferences and meetings.  For example, with Drew Faust and Charlie Gibson at the welcoming ceremony, Condolleezza Rice talking about politics, Edward Norton on design and social entrepreneurship. Just to name a few, I don’t even remember with the amount of talks that I’ve been into.

Of course, there’s the long anticipated Harvard vs Yale game! With 30,000 audience, the Harvard Stadium looked like a wave of red devils (sorry Manchester United). The Crimsons were losing at first, but after half time, this dude (I’m not familiar with anyone on the team) made a legendary run.  (Check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDkqnwwAGqM) and tied the game.  Exciting game which ended 28-21.  I’m happy about it, because that might be the only time I get to watch this game here.

Overall the Harvard experience was a blast, and I urge everyone in the Harvard Extension to come out and keep meeting people.  If you’re thinking about joining the crew, then here’s the evidence that you won’t need to worry about student life as long as you make the effort to head out and enjoy.

Quote of the day:

“I under promise and over deliver, you got to work smart” – Bankers’ personal life  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLBMoAOW7…)

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Shopaholic in Harvard!

In very unfortunate circumstances, the development communications class I took last term did not count as an elective degree requirement.  So the whole credit was basically a waste of money! I talked to the advisor (Laura Wilcox) about the matter, which was unhelpful as expected.  So now I’d have to take another course on either this or the next term.

All in all, my life has been fully about shopping for courses for the past three weeks.  I believe I’ve been to at least 6-7 courses this week just to get a jist on how the professors teach.  I got scared off in the Real Estate and Investments course, but since I wasn’t too interested on the topics anyways. 

Then I dropped Mergers and Acquisition (with Vikoria Dalko) purely on the reasons of being safe. I needed a 3.7 GPA to get scholarship, and 3.8 to make it on the Dean’s List. With the amount of workload it has, it is almost close to impossible to obtain an A+.   On the other hand, I do plan to have a life by not only working/studying for 7 days a week, but to join some clubs and get some networking going.  I do regret for the most part, however, that this course won’t be offered during the next term.  Educational wise, I believe you’ll learn much out of it.  It’s deeply challenging, and she basically makes you work for your marks.  I like how she teaches, but I just can’t take two courses with her at the same term.  So it’s my loss for not taking this course

After that, I’ve been into this Investment Management course by Hamza Abdurezak.  Dropped that too. I truly believe (which he also confirmed in class) that this course would be unbelievably challenging.  No point in taking this too, since he made it in such a clear manner.  He’s got my respect for telling me that on the first five minutes of the class.

I then tried Corporate Finance by Efraim Benemelech.  Again, he made it very clear that the course is really challenging.  With 2, 2 hour classes and problem sets each week, and believing that the course is the hardest one in the extension.  I decided to delay the course to next term and taking it with Hamza (above)

For now, the first weeks seems like a total disaster. For every class I’ve been to, I’ve basically dropped it immediately.  Dropped 3 out of 4 class in the timetable.  So what happened to all the classes that are like introductory to finance and accounting?  I guess it doesn’t happen here anymore.  So the following are the classes I kept with me at the end. With only 3 courses left, meaning that I’ll be taking 4 before I graduate.  It’s a risky idea, but I was left with no other options. 

Business Analysis and Valuation (with Vikoria Dalko) – I choose between M&A and this, but I decided that I would have something else to fill in the M&A gap.  There’s one more thing about this class, with 38 students, the chances of being picked called is a lot less (for those who doesn’t know, she randomly picks people to participate in challenging questions).  It looks quite shit if you’re not prepared for them.  So now I’m prepared for class, but if I’m not, I got 37 peeps as my shield.  Somehow the case studies involve looks quite challenging already, but I’m learning…..

Strategic Management (with Joseph Chevarley, Timothy Bowman) – This is the only course that I felt I had a chance of getting an A.  So far so good, everything seems simple enough.  But nothing is for granted here, we’ll see about that.

Investment Theory and Applications (with Donald Santini) – I dropped M&A in order to get to this guy.  I’m desperate and have low hopes.  Fortunately, this came out well, and he lived up to the expectations of rateyourprofessors.com.  We’ll see how this goes as we move along the year.

This article is getting a tad too long, so I’ll leave it at there and save some stories for next time (in particulars to the fun stuff around!)

Quote of the day

“Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move” – Jake Sully from Avatar

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An Opinion Article on why the Harvard Instructor Requirement was Dropped….

If anyone had looked through the ALMM’s course degree search, you would’ve noticed that it was almost utterly impossible to complete the degree with 6 Harvard instructors.  I’ll make it clear on my stance, I think it’s a BRILLIANT decision to have cancelled this requirement.  I’ve always thought it was a hassle choosing courses based on where the professors come from.  And if people really want to take a course based on certain professor (or the origin of where they came from), they would have the right to enroll the courses themselves.

It does not dilute the degree in any way, (since your degree name nor paper’s not changed in any format right?) and now it gives you the opportunity, (as they said it) and flexibility to choose your elective courses.  Now you’re not limited in choosing courses with Harvard Instructors (which there’s an insufficient amount from the start).   As the management program is technically one of the most populated programs in the extension, it makes alot of sense to dilute the classes so people don’t concentrate into one or two classes with Harvard instructors.  So it seems to me that they’ve made a right decision there.  

On to the argument on why is it so hard to find people to teach?  I believe one of the answers comes down to: there’s always a lack of experts who WANTS to teach, if they’re such an expert, they’d probably be getting some high paid jobs elsewhere.  The ones I know teach because they’re forced to teach, they’re probably doing some research at some corner of the school which requires them to do it for the grant. Which now leaves a small portion of people teaching because they enjoy teaching, and that’s where the good professors come in.

Also, for practicality, it sounds right for professor and lecturers to keep their names outside of the Harvard institution.  For reasons that they’re only visiting fellows of the school, and probably come in once a week for the lectures, unlike the true Harvard profs where they’re full time employed there from Monday to Sunday: 9-5pm, most lecturers from the extension school resides elsewhere.  If it’s needed, these lecturers from the extension can always list themselves as visiting fellows of Harvard University Extension, which should work well in their resumes along with their origin teaching place.

NOTE: these opinions only applies to the ALMM degree, I’m not too sure about the situation for the other programs.  But if the other programs have like 90% Harvard instructors teaching, then it make a lot of sense to impose this requirement.

So on an endnote, this minor incident really doesn’t affect the quality of teaching in the extension school. Rather, I’d really look forward to them on changing the name to the school of continuing education, but I might not get the chance to see it happen in the time of my education.

Feel free to do some debate here, I’m willing to listen to both sides of the story.


Quote of the day

“Love all, trust a few.  Do wrong to none” – Shakespeare

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Second Term Backspin! (An IN DEPTH course analysis….)

Microeconomics Theory (ECON E-1010) – Read my review on Principles of Finance, the format’s basically the same. Bruce Watson being the Prof, and Teo the TA, it’s just like going into a second term with familiar faces.  Here’s the big BUT, the course is a bit harder for the beginner.  I took economics in my early years, I thought it was ok, but for the vast majority, it might be towards the hard side.  The problem sets were great practices (even when I’m extremely busy, read below on my submission about Organizational Behavior), Teo was great help, what more can you expect from the course?  There’s one big BUT, although the first exam was relatively easy, the final exam was ridiculously hard. So now what? People who’s getting A’s are suddenly disappearing. I guess my final word to all is, take caution.  At the end, I did get my only A for this semester.

Development Communications (COMM E-120) – I digress, I didn’t really know what the course was about until going into it.  I needed something to fill in my 3 courses gap so I can graduate on time.  Henry (the prof) tried really hard to get my interest.  The course was alright in a way that he actually did attempt to teach me what was development communication, a way to get potential donors to donate or pay your company!  There’s not too many assignments for this course, and the workload is very acceptable, a little on the low end.  No exams, just a final group project with your members to do a simulation assignment. Unfortunately, my interests was not on this sector, and assignments was probably up to par.  At the end, a B+ was well deserved for me.

Organizational Behavior (MGMT E-4000) – There’s several professors to choose for this subject, Professor White was one of them.   My reason for choosing her was to fulfill the Harvard Professor criteria for the degree (which is now cancelled).  I kinda regret taking this course with her (Please read on for the reasons even if you’re Professor White visiting this site.)  There’s a lot of complaints and dropping out, but I somehow managed to finished the course with my team. (With 2 out of 6 peeps dropping out in between)

Here’s the reasons for my dissatisfaction or even a little hatred towards the course:

First, there has been 4 reading case studies for us to hand in. Well, that doesn’t look like it’s a problem yet……(as you’re SUPPOSED to do your assignments anyways).  But as an encouragement, I got 88s for all my assignments throughout the course! Coincidence? I don’t think so. I just didn’t think the TA or whoever even read my paper! Not to mention, there was vast amount of readings to read beforehand to complete one of these.  Can’t they just give me some encouragement and say I improved a little to a 90? I truly don’t understand, but that’s the fact.

Second, I was wondering how there can be an assignment due EVERY WEEK in class. (Group assignments, Negotiation assignment that worth nothing, Case studies). So basically, my life revolves around this class despite having other commitments for life. There’s the lecture, then tutorial every week, most likely a group meeting or two, AND PLUS your assignments and readings. 

Alright, let’s say I might be the lazy one or even biased in a way.  But there’s this one thing I absolutely hate about class’s structure, you start completing your case studies first without any help.  You submit the assignment, then they discuss or “teach” the facts to you in the lecture.  Hey, does anyone see the problem there?  Like, if I’ve already read and understood the stuff, and even went to the extent on submitting the assignment, and then…..you start “teaching” me the answers to the facts.  Can’t they just teach me what I need in the lecture, and I start writing the assignment (that’s what Bruce Watson in microeconomics and principles of finance has been doing all along, seems to be a sensible way of teaching)  So then, it defeats the purpose of going to class when I already know the facts. Or…if I don’t, I’m properly SCREWED for the assignment and will never have hoped for the A. 

Conclusion, Professor White’s a nice person, but might not be what I was looking for in this aspect.  The workload is way too heavy.  Even for the final exam, it was split into two parts, take home and in class, in order to achieve what was a 3 hour standard.  Anyways, too bad for me, and I got my B+ for all this hard work.

TIP OF THE TERM: it’s all up there! Have fun if you’re taking any of the above subjects, hopefully this article can help.  otherwise, hopefully this article can help in choosing your courses for the upcoming terms!


Quote of the Day:
“Strive not to be of success, strive to be of influence” – Albert Einstein

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A Few Random Thoughts of the Day……

Publicizing the site!

I can’t believe another month has passed since my last entry! Time just flies in a blink of an eye here.

And so I digress; I might not have the time every week to update the blog.  So I’m actually trying to find more writers and hopes publicizing it one day. I’ll make a checklist of what I need here:

-A couple of regular writers.  (one article per week talking about your surroundings would suffice)
-A webmaster (I’d like to change the layout of this site, hopefully involving of having more pictures)
-A new domain
-Several sponsors
-A Photographer

Feel free to email me for the following vacancies =D

Thanks Barbara for supplying me some pictures around Harvard, they’re fabulously taken!  I’d also like to take this chance to ask anyone to supply me with photos around HU! This would be a great chance to show off your photography skills! So come on!

On a second thought, I might even ask the extension school if I can join their official blog.

Harvard Extension Finance Society?

Not sure if anyone has noticed, the Harvard Extension Business Society is quite dead from my perspective. There is a leader, but no websites, activities nor people. Looking upon that, I suggested starting a new one where I can be the President. We can just organize events, dinners, parties and have everyone know each other so they can share their work at crucial times. Sounds good? Email me again if you want to join!

Update: it seems like the business club runs events every friday, and they’re doing a great job in organizating events, my mistake! sorry

A little thought…..

I have a little feeling I might want to become a politician these days, I don’t know why, but I just feel like changing the world to a better place to be

I might not be able to be like the best people like Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Mao Ze Dong shaping their own visions into a country they want, but I believe I can at least make a contribution In making a city to be more efficient and  well lived upon.

I loved watching politics from the states and UK, the speeches made by the leaders and some MPs are just fantastic.  It’s a pleasure to listen to, and

Compared to which, a city like Hong Kong really disinterests me in this field.  The majority of readers might not know, but their debates

I’m still debating whether I should try electing to become an MP after graduate, and if so, where should I do it? Hong Kong? Toronto? That is the question…..

**For anyone who’s interested, England is having hell of an election campaign right now. As the election date comes close, I’m more interested to see who becomes the new English Prime Minister

***I know there’s not much mention about school work on this entry, I’ll write the course evaluation in two week when everything’s finished.  Just been a little sick today to type anything more. ^^

Quote of the Day

“My patience is now at an end” Aldolf Hitler

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated, so I’ll set up my experience for my past few weeks here:

For the long waited microeconomic test mark, it was a disappointment 88/100, on the 77th percentile.  I made a silly mistake plotting a graph rather than a table in the 3rd question, which instant killed me.  But gosh, this really does proves that people studies like mad here, 77th percentile for such a mark? Meaning there’s like at least 46 people above me if there was 200 students. Seems like I’ll have to work even harder for the Final exam.  Nevertheless, this score did get me an A- after the curve.

It’s been REALLY busy over the past few weeks. (busy as in ALOT less sleep, maybe sometimes with none)  As I’ve mentioned on my last post, the pace is getting ridiculously fast here.  I consider myself to be pretty organized, but the assignments have fully assimilated me.  I’ve worked through the spring break to get assignments done. But so far the results haven’t been as expected though, with all of them being B+. Hopefully I can push it to an A- by the end of this courses. GPA wise, it’s going to hurt if my marks maintaining the momentum I’m going at now.

Despite of the busy schedule, I think I’m actually learning quite a bit. The topics are actually quite useful.  I actually don’t mind doing fundraising projects, management cases or problem sets.  I’ve put everything into consideration when working on my business proposal.

As mentioned above, I’ve been working on my business proposal during my free time.  I think it’s fun just to get friends involved to make a little pocket money.  So far I have come across some challenges, (like finding a programmer, site design, company name, funding etc).  I think it’s hard by itself just to get a site together, since I’m no good with the programming stuff.  I’ll update my progress on that here when it’s finish.

Also, I’ve been looking for people to help me out on this blog. So I’d invite any of you in HES to pop me a message if you want to share your experiences. I noticed that my irregular updates made this blog a little dull, and the lack of pictures made it extremely boring.  For any of those web designers out there, come help make this a better place!

My personal email account has been flooded with group discussions, emails from TAs, and school updates these days.  If I don’t get back to you on the hotmail account, leave a message here or find me on facebook and I’ll be sure to get around it.

Quote of the Day

“Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope.” – Margaret Thatcher

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Stressful week

A bit stressed about the workload I’m having this week. No idea why everything is due on the same week. Basically every subject has assignments due,  projects are overloading, and I’m starting to have pre-test trauma syndromes.

Also, marks have been getting returns from past projects and problem sets. I’ve yet to accomplish a perfect on any problem sets so far this term, which is a bit surprising for this class (microeconomics). Organizational Behavior and Development Communications have both suffered a A-, B+, B+ in marks, which is quite dreadful in terms of calculating my CGPA if this goes on.

It’s Friday, but only half my week has pasted, another case analysis due on Sunday. Of course, doing this case analysis requires some readings of around 100 pages for preparation. Also tutorials and group meetings are held on Saturday, which ruins my whole weekend. Whoever made the decision to make classes, and assignments due on the weekends are really idiots.  They either have no family life, or really wanted us to suffer from that. There’s only 7 days a week, and it seems work has taken 6, with the rest for my sleep and dinner. Great days eh??

To put a stab in the back, Microeconomic’s first exam is on the following Wednesday. I reckon this few days will be quite deadly in terms of workload. I have to make up all the marks I’ve lost this past week to get back to the A level!  Let’s pray for my success……

I see a glimpse of light when seeing an invitation for the Shanghai Expo, though I still need to apply and get screened.  Seems like the competition is quite fierce, I think many are quite interested from the looks of it. Nevertheless, I see this as a great chance where I can participate in this event that I’ve long waited for!

Anyways, stop typing and more working!

Quote of the Day

“Do the right thing, Say the courageous thing, and contemplate the beautiful thing”

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