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AT&T shareholders demand answers – David Saleh Rauf – POLITICO.com

Some AT&T shareholders want more than just dollars and cents from the board of directors in the aftermath of the company’s aborted takeover of T-Mobile: They want to know how company money is being spent to influence politics. … The divide over political disclosure at AT&T is nothing new — shareholder groups have been pressuring the company on the issue since 2004. … This year, however, AT&T investors are planning to put the measure up for vote again … as the company is coming off a publicly bruising and politically expensive battle over its failed T-Mobile deal.
“AT&T’s recent complete disaster in the Deutsche Telekom deal … that’s exactly the kind of thing that will make the board and managers and shareholders think long and hard about disclosure of political activity,” said John Coates, a corporate governance expert and professor at Harvard Law School.

AT&T shareholders demand answers – David Saleh Rauf – POLITICO.com.

Stock market and corporations disagree on shareholder votes

Companies dislike the idea of giving investors more say over who runs for board seats. Among their arguments: It could shift power to shareholders, such as unions, which may have goals at odds with maximizing value. The stock market doesn’t agree, according to economists Bo Becker, Daniel Bergstresser and Harvard Law School Professor Guhan Subramanian.

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