is anyone out there anymore? i do say, it seems that everyone has abandoned me. lol. i could go into some sesquipedalian speaking but that would be too much fun. 🙂 hehe, thats a new word i learned recently and i like to use it when ever i can. however time is slipping by. hannahs baby shower is this friday, and then saturday i am leaving. and i think my cat is due later this month….kittens!!  then in July Hannah is actually going to have her baby, fun times ahead let me tell you what. well, if that isnt a synopsis of this summer i dont know what is! …..if anyone wants to comment me, that would be great. it seems that i am running low in comments everywhere right now. maybe its the summer, everyone has a life except me. lol!

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  1. Josh says:

    Oh, my! the baby shower before the baby! Clearly none of you were raised Irish out there.