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No Kittens Here

I’m not having kittens, but I do have news. Today I received two emails congratulating me on my acceptance to a master’s degree program in a funny, interdisciplinary study called Critical and Creative Thinking. [I’ve mentioned it before.] But now I know for certain that I’ll be starting school again in the fall. Luckily, the designers know that many of their students are teachers and professionals themselves, and, very considerately, schedule all their classes in the afternoon and evening. This way my school doesn’t compete with my work.

And on the job front, things are fine. I’ve really integrated into my office. Tomorrow I’m co-running an orientation for my team. While I hate to use it, I must say that I make a mighty fine Power Point presentation.

Today I took a three-hour lunch break to attend the Leverett House graduation ceremonies. My friend Eda’s family wasn’t able to make the trip so a few of us put up congratulatory signs on each of the buildings while she and the rest of the graduates were off at the morning ceremonies in the Yard. When she came back I was ready with a very nice boquet of roses—there are, and there were some today, ugly boquets of roses, you know. My former roommate of four years didn’t cut me a deal when I picked them up at the florist shop he works at in the Square. After all the speeches and processions, I treated Eda to lunch at Cambridge One, which is a hip beer-and-wine sports bar. We had great beer and wine, a tasty salad, and satisfying pizza. Cambridge One specializes in gourmet pizza. Two hours later, it was time to go back to work.

This Sunday I move back to Cambridge to live at Currier House, in the Radcliffe Quad. Lately, I’ve been dreaming of owning a condo. Here‘s a semi-affordable one on the developing sea front property, which is secretly a fancy way of saying Dorchester, that I’m considering.

What now?

I have absolutely nothing to do. school is out and i am bored. isnt that a bummer? this saturday i am going to be swing dancing at an alumni banquet, and eating there free food. yumm. then June 10 i have DC. July is camp. but until then, nothin. sigh. i dont want to clean the house.

First Day on the Job

Yesterday I showed up to work at 9am in a white collared shirt and a baby duck yellow with light blue diagonal striped tie. And it’s a good thing, too. I had two meetings to attend on my first day. After a quick three hour briefing of all the crucial operations tools, schedules, and problems, I was put to work to resolve them. The movers came in an hour before our large, all-vendor and all-contractor summer policy meeting. We were having a little trouble with scheduling and I got to negotiate in a small conference room. Luckily, things worked out, perhaps better than we first hoped.

At the larger meeting I was a bit more silent and not nearly as important. There were cookies and bite-size pastries, however! I got to meet the day building manager (I’m the assistant manager: read: the night guy). She just came back from sailing in the central Pacific. Tomorrow we’re going to work on some Excel spreadsheets. One of my bosses is especially keen on visual representation of data, which is a healthy and productive attitude, I think.

Since the programs don’t start in full swing until mid-June, I work on a very part-time basis for now. It’s nice to be able to work up to full-time. Today I mailed in my statement of intent to the Critical and Creative Thinking masters’ program within the Department of Curriculum Design at UMass/Boston for the fall. Tomorrow after work I run over to the registrar to have a copy of my transcripts sent in. Two of my recommendation letters should be ready by Saturday. I’ll have to see about the third. Hopefully the kind folks on the admissions committee won’t mind that my application is nearly a month and a half late. I’ve been told there is a strict June 1 deadline for admittance enforced by the university. I’m sure things will work out all right.

Next Week at the Ed School

Last week I interviewed for a job at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. During it, they asked why I was interested in the job. I told them, “That’s easy; because it marries education and facilities maintenance,”—it’s an assistant building manager-type position—in the follow-up, I let it slip that I’m very interested in math education and pedagogy. One of my interviewers suggested I talk to a particular professor. So I emailed her. And she emailed me back, with one of her articles. She and I agree on many of the issues. Next week we’re going to meet up to discuss just what math education theory and policy is all about. I’m very excited.