~ Archive for April 28, 2004 ~

SciencePORT: a blog directory with science emphasis


Finally a blog directory with a significant number of science-oriented
news sources and weblogs.  Categories include natural sciences
(physics, chemistry, astronomy); health and medicine; technology; and
even libraries.  Resources range from news to personal weblogs to
weblogs for institutions and labs. Some are field specific (e.g. mass
spectrometry blog.) Many non-English sites.   A find. 
(Source: Confessions of a Science Librarian)

Fame in science: 15 mins., 15 degrees, or 15 mb?


Scientists explored the correlation between number of hits (or
citations) on an author in Google and the number of papers the author
had posted to an electronic archive.  The sample included about
450 condensed matter physicists. The researchers claim they found that
citation in Google (“fame”) reflects “merit” (as calculated by number
of published papers.)    (Source: PhysicsWeb)

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