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Mining your data


Another NYT article examines widespread scouring of personal data by
government agencies, practices that would be restricted with private

Gone phishing…


A New York Times article explores the disturbing e-mail practice of
“phishing,”  whereby folks receive e-mails purporting to be from
organizations such as eBay or financial firms such as Citibank with
bogus content and links to bogus web sites.  The real risk is
giving away sensitive information in the process. 

Journal rot.. (we kid you not…)


George Porter of Caltech writes an extensive commentary on the fleating
nature of online journals, citing several horrific examples of when a
journal ceases publication and the publisher does not deign to maintain
the electronic archive (he also mentions a few instances of publishers
following good practice and maintaining backfiles if a journal has
ceased or changed publishers, etc.)  He also highlights the LOCKSS
(Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe) project, praises the publishers who
are participating, and chides the holdouts for their

Free Pint explains the Semantic web


An article in Free Pint discusses the promise of the “semantic web,”

New issue of LLRX.com


The latest issue of LLRX (Law Libraries Resource Exchange) has plenty of interesting reading, including an article on spyware, musings on the future of search engines, and a reprint of Christina Pikas’s solid overview of blog searching.  (source: beSpacific)

a cautionary tale about blogging addiction? …


or just musings of a killjoy… 😉  (Source: Betsy Devine)

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