Blogging and Feeds for SLA

A group of us are presenting at an SLA workshop later this month. 
The topic is Blogging and Feeds.  I’m talking about this blog and
my experiences with it.  Jessica Baumgart, of j’s scratchpad,
has done an enormous amount of work to promote weblogs, especially in
libraries, particularly through her own blog.  Shimon Rura and
Josh Ain are presenting on the weblog content management system they
call Frassle.  It’s a massive
piece of work, their slogan is “never be bored again.” You can assign
multiple categories to a post or item or bookmark, for example. 
Evidently they have more than 350 users.  I saw a demo of the
system earlier this year and am interested in how it has evolved. 
Haven’t been to Mt. Holyoke, but I have spent some time in the Pioneer
Valley and expect gorgeous sights this time of year.

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