Library News & Notes 10/23/09

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October 23, 2009

Internet Sites of the Week


Academic Libraries, Publishers, and Digital Books

Amazon, Wal-Mart battling over book pricing

See also: Get more out of your Amazon shopping experience

Are We on the Verge of an E-book Explosion?
(Source: Erika McNeil)

Brains, books, and the future of print
(Source: Bohyun Kim)

Building a Netflix for Books
(Source: Digital Koans)

HathiTrust Launching Full-Text Library

Hey, Google: Check out this ultra-fast book scanner
(Source: Digital Koans)
See also: Do It Yourself Book Scanning
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

How e-Books Could Smarten Up Kids and Stretch Library Dollars

(Source: Amy Kearns)

In some classrooms, books are a thing of the past
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

Internet Archive’s BookServer could ‘dominate’ Amazon

Is Barnes & Noble’s Nook a Kindle killer?
(Source: Erika McNeil)
See also: Barnes and Noble Nook gets a reception fit for a king

The one with the publisher’s e-book strategy
(Source: Library Web)

Scans of Google Books with fingers in them

What Is the Best Book Your Book Club Has Read?

Why E-Books are Hot and Getting Hotter

Why Google will Win Books Settlement & Why that’s a Good Thing
(Source: Eric Rumsey)

Computers and Internet

The Answer Factory: Fast, Disposable, and Profitable as Hell
(Source: griffey)

Best MP3 players for audiobooks
(Source: Library Web)

Bringing the Internet to the Wilderness

Building a brain inside a supercomputer

Cloud computing and the big rethink: Part 5
See also: Legal Implications of Cloud Computing – Part Two (Privacy and the Cloud)
(Source: beSpacific)

Domain Name Theft and Where is the Literature?

Funeral Webcasting Is Alive and Well

The Future of Supercomputers is Optical

Holyoke data center project targeted for 2011 completion

How the Internet is Changing the Way We Will Watch TV

Intel Explains How an Internet Addiction Can Offend Everyone This Holiday Season

Merging Video with Maps
(Source: ResourceShelf)

Microsoft’s Bing adds Twitter search (update: Google will too)
See also: Bing is bringing Twitter search to you
(Source: Danny Sullivan)

Migrate to Windows 7–Slowly
See also: Figure Out Which Windows 7 Edition Has the Features You Need
(Source: lifehacker)
See also: The Six “Wow” Features of Windows 7

Missing Links: The Enduring Web
(Source: Library Web)

New Google Music Service Launch Imminent

Newslink Founders Launch “YouTube for business”

No elder left behind: Researchers say designers can help close tech gap

Online places to find public-domain multimedia

Researchers Find Way to Reduce Energy Used by Computer Processors

Search User Interfaces
(Source: beSpacific)

Stinky Teddy “Real-Time Gossip Powered Search”
(Source: msauers)

Super-Sized Memory Could Fit Into Tiny Chips
(Source: mullam)

This Just In: The Mobile Web Isn’t the PC Web

(Source: libraryfuture)

We’re All Fact Checkers Now

What’s Next In Augmented Reality?
(Source: twitt_AR)

Wolfram Alpha’s Second Act

Why Are Web Sites So Confusing?

Win An Internet Flame War

The World Wide Web project
(Source: thenextwomen)

5 Web Office Considerations: Beyond the Buzz


A Brief History of Black Education in America

But I Don’t Want to Teach My Students How to Use Technology

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for OpenCourseWare
(Source: Paul T. Jackson)

Colleges with the Highest Total Student Cost
“Harvard is practically a bargain”
(Source: HVClub)

Facebook Apps for Education

Finances Put HMS Programs On Hold

Harvard Alumni Seek Disclosure of Bonus Retractions
(Source: Harvard in the News)

Harvard president: school adjusting to tight times

See also: Harvard may alter some expansion plans
See also: Harvard’s Annual Financial Report Fully Details 2009 Losses

Higher Education Is Increasingly Class Stratified
(Source: blendedlib)

How Good Is Windows 7 for Colleges?

In Hard Times, It Pays to Increase Benefits, Colleges Are Advised

Literally Doomed
(Source: Condensed Concepts)

Microsoft’s Vision for Higher Ed and Lecture Capture

Mostly bad news for educational fair use

Online Education’s Great Unknowns

Remotely There

Screen Reading and Print Reading

SEAS Dean Charts Course

tinkering schools for kids and adults

University Sues Student Blogger

The Writing Center at Harvard University
(Source: The Scout Report)

25 Tools: A Toolbox for Learning Professionals 2009
(Source: Xuemei)

Health and Medicine

Brigham and Women’s names new president

Comparative Effectiveness Research About to Hit Prime Time

Diagnosis: What Doctors Are Missing

Electronic records, boosted by stimulus, rush hospitals into unchartered territory

How to use Google Wave in Healthcare

(Source: laikas)

How will medicine and its regulation adapt to the information age?
(Source: Rebecca Skloot)

More Hospitals Are Using Video to Connect Patients With Specialists Far Away, Speeding Treatment
(Source: Diane Williams)

Reflections on the Current H1N1 Flu


Blogging: An opportunity for librarians to communicate, participate and collaborate on a global scale
See also: Libraries Blog Survey
(Source: joeyanne)
See also: Defining blogs and blogging
(Source: BoraZ)

Competitive Intelligence – A Selective Resource Guide – Updated and Revised
(Source: beSpacific)

Cory Doctorow at Internet Librarian International 2009

(Source: Cory Doctorow)

Does the chance of finding a job increase or decrease depending on where you get your degree?

Finding the Phoenix: Feathers, Flight & the Future of Libraries
(Source: Library Web)

GSLIScast – Audio Content from the Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

How to Interpret PubMed Queries and Why It Matters

Inventing the Future of Librarianship

(Source: libraryfuture)

Libraries and Web 2.0
(Source: Library Web)

Libraries to Enrich Lives in 12 U.S. Communities Through Expansion of Digital Access

(Source: Bill Mayer)

Library helps memoirists capture their experiences
(Source: Sarah Kirby)

More Libraries and Librarians Get Creative on YouTube

(Source: Xuemei)

Open Access Week: Profile of Sarah Shreeves

(Source: Next Generation Science)

Open, social and linked – what do current Web trends tell us about the future of digital libraries?
(Source: aabibliographer)

The Role of Libraries in Emerging Models of Scholarly Communication
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

STELLA! Science, Technology & Engineering Library Leaders in Action!
(Source: BoraZ)

Top 100 Jobs Where Librarians/Information Professionals Can Help
(Source: Eric Rumsey)

Useful Twitter Searches
(Source: Mary Ellen Bates)

Using social media in libraries
(Source: Library Web)

What can libraries learn from retail?
(Source: Library Web)

What Libraries Should Know Before Creating a Facebook Page – Libraries & Facebook Update 2

Life, Money, Work and Family

deal finder, delivery service, budget helper, etc.
(Source: Daily Worth)

Car-free getaways around NYC

(Source: Manhattan User’s Guide)

Child Care Resource Center
(Source: Neat New Stuff on the Net)

Conference Do’s and Don’t’s

Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home
(Source: Neat New Stuff on the Net)

Female Farmers
(Source: modernscientist)

Find quality recipes

Forbes Entrepreneurial Stories of Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s
(Source: UKRC)

Free meeting spaces crop up in Greater Boston

How Can Young Women Develop a Leadership Style?
(Source: MassWomen)

How Skype Is Changing the Job Interview
(Source: Maxine Clarke)

How Smart Leaders Talk About Time
(Source: The 99 Percent)

How to Deliver Bad News to a Group

How to Find Holiday Jobs
(Source: MassWomen)

“I am a (blank), and I sometimes put my career before my family”
(Source: Manisha Thakor)

The improvised life
(Source: Manhattan User’s Guide)

In connections, face to face still counts

Job Searching on the Job

Manhattan Street Corners
(Source: Manhattan User’s Guide)

Massachusetts lost 110,200 jobs during the past year
Minimalist Travel: What’s in My Suitcase
(Source: thegoodhuman)

Personal Online Portfolios
(Source: Tom Nielsen)

Practice “Radical Financial Clarity”

Report details extra problems women face in military careers
(Source: Sloan Work & Family Network)

The rise of the virtual workspace
(Source: Matthew Fraser)

Separate Yourself from Your Stuff
See also: What Our Stuff Says about Us
(Source: ScienceSoWhat)

Set the Employment Blender to ‘Liquify’

So You Want to Start a Startup? 5 Places to Start

The State of the American Woman

Stop the Clock

Taking a closer look at women’s networking

Tough Questions for Financial Planners

(Source: Manisha Thakor)

Tuesday at 3pm Is the Most Agreeable Meeting Time
(Source: The 99 Percent)

“A Woman’s Nation” Demands Workplace Flexibility
(Source: Sloan Work & Family Research Network)

Why So Few Doctoral-Student Parents?

Who’s in a Starring Role, Who’s in a Walk-On Role? All of Us
(Source: Gretchen Rubin)

Woot! 23 Million Employed by Women-Owned Businesses
(Source: Sloan Work & Family Research Network)

6 Ways To Look At Negative Feedback
(Source: taxonomylady)

10 TV Shows You Have to Watch to Understand the World

14 Who-Knew? Uses for Your Microwave

500 years of portraits of women in three minutes

(Source: MassWomen)

Scholarly Publishing

Assessing Open Access
(Source: Digital Koans)

The Depot
for authors w/out an institutional repository

Institutional Repository Bibliography
(Source: Digital Koans)

The Next-Gen Repository: Part I

(Source: Roy Tennant)

Open Access and Vanity Publishing
(Source: Joe Esposito)

Open access: are publishers ‘double dipping’?
(Source: dullhunk)

Open Access Week: a researcher’s perspective
(Source: BLugger)

Open Access Week event at Harvard Law 10/19/09: Q & A

Recommendations on RSS Feeds for Scholarly Publishers
(Source: Maxine Clarke)

Who Should Pay? Does Open Access Mean Free Access
(Source: Eric Rumsey)

Yale students call for OA
(Source: BoraZ)

10 websites to help you keep up-to-date with scholarly journal contents
(Source: libram)

Science and Technology

AMSER Science Reader Monthly
(Source: The Scout Report)

BBC Wildlife Finder
(Source: Neat New Stuff on the Net)

The Best BlackBerry Accessories

The Biology of Memory: A Forty-Year Perspective
(Source: brown2020)

(Source: The Scout Report)

Electrons reveal DNA without destroying it

FiO: Notes from the Crucible
“On scientific research and academic conferences”
(Source: lsmarshall)

Four locals among PopSci’s ‘Ten Young Geniuses’

The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

From Web 2.0 to the Global Database
(Source: Timo Hannay)

Gender Schemas Affect Women in Science, Says Expert

Going mobile
scientists and mobile technology

Gornick: “Things get better and better”

GoWeb: a semantic search engine for the life science web

The Growth of Citizen Science
(Source: Jay Rosen)

Helping to Unravel the Hidden Web of Neuroscience Information

(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

How Bill Gates is turning the tables in favour of young researchers
(Source: TimesScience)

I’d like to teach the world to blog
(Source: BoraZ)

Increasing NIH funding means jobs and reputation for New England

Innovation via genetic ‘googling’
(Source: Nature)

Intelligence Explained: Tracking & understanding complex connections within the brain
(Source: brown2020)

Medline/PubMed revisited: new, semantic tools to explore the biomedical literature
(Source: Laurel Graham)

Memory and Brain Systems: 1969–2009

Milestones in Light Microscopy

NERM 09 session on Chemistry on the Web

New Neurological Evidence That the Internet Makes People Smarter

New works of science nonfiction

Physicists are discovering ways to build rogue waves out of light
(Source: lsmarshall)

Questions, questions, questions

Researchers Bring Avatars and People Together for Virtual Meetings in Physical Spaces

Safety Song: musical number about lab safety

Science Papers That Interest You
(Source: library_zone)

Scientists announce planet bounty
(Source: sciencegoddess)

Scientists get the measure of how weather shapes our body clocks
(Source: ScienceSoWhat)

Selected Internet Resources in Science and Technology (Science Reference Services, Library of Congress)
(Source: Xuemei)

Seeds of collaboration

Ten Technologies You Can’t Afford to Ignore
(Source: Library Web)

Timewarp: How your brain creates the fourth dimension

See also: A head of time
(Source: MITNews)

Top 10 Boston tech community locales

TV Moving Closer to Mobile Phones and the Web

(Source: Bill Ives)
See also: Digital TVs competing with PCs as media hubs

Volunteering Computers for Science

(Source: Diane Williams)

Why Women Drop Maths
(Source: Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted))
See also: Math Geek Mom: Women in Science and Math

Windfall warning
(Source: bmahersciwriter)
See also: The Science of Spending Stimulus Money Wisely
(Source: Steve Silberman)
See also: Stimulus funds provide research boost

Work Group Sees Challenges in Electronic Exchange of Lab Data

5 New Technologies That Will Change Everything
(Source: twitt_AR)

10 tips for techies: How to network effectively

50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

Social Networks

Community is the new content

Eight billion minutes spent on Facebook daily

“Faceanimals helps you connect and share with the animals in your life.”
(Source: Phil Bradley)

Facebook for scientists gets millions in funding
See also: National Network of Scientists to Transform Biomedical Research
(Source: krafft)
See also: Scientists Still Not Joining Social Networks

(Source: modernscientist)

Foursquare, a Social Network Site, Puts Users Face to Face
(Source: Matthew Fraser)

Google Wave – first Meh, then Wow!
See also: What problems does Google Wave solve?

(Sources: oodja; Publish2NYT Technology)
See also: Google Wave: Best New Tool or a Waste of Time?
(Source: Roy Tennant)
See also: Google Wave And The Dawn Of Passive-Aggressive Communication
(Source: Gosia Stergios)

Hoaxes Highlight Accountability Issues with Real-Time Web
See also: How to spot a hoax Twitter account – a case study
(Source: careerdiva)

How Local Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Social Networks
(Source: The Shifted Librarian)

How to Extract Your Contacts from LinkedIn and Facebook
(Source: hrouda)

How to Market an Offline Event Online
(Source: Library Web)

How to use LinkedIn to find a job
(Source: Robin Good)

Linden Lab CEO on Second Life’s growth, future
(Source: HBSmktg)

Microblogging v. Blogging: Complimentary or mutually exclusive?

New Network for Chinese Researchers

Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook
(Source: Howard Rheingold)

Sneak peek at Strings: A social tracker with a twist

Social media strategy: How I Became an Expert in Three Days

Social Network Use in the Office Could Spur Better Enterprise Technology

Tech Addictions: Email and Texting Top Social Media in Gen Y [Study]

The Three Faces of Social Media
(Source: Library Web)

Three Tweets for the Web
(Sources: Timo Hannay; Library Web)

Top 5 Twitter Trends to Watch Right Now: Twitter’s future looking brighter
(Source: BrianLibrarian)

Twitter and Status Updates
(Source: beSpacific)

The Twitter Book
(Source: Diane Williams)

Video makers find audience on YouTube
(Source: mekeiser)
See also: We Watch More YouTube Videos than We Conduct Google Searches
(Source: Pandia Search World)

When Twitter Trumps E-mail

(Source: friendsofdave)

You Facebook, you tweet – now lifelog

You’re Probably on a Bunch of Twitter Lists and Don’t Even Know it

(Source: hrouda)
See also: Twitter Lists; Limitations, bugs, impact, and brilliance
(Source: BoraZ)


Building an Internet Presence to Enhance Your Author Platform

(Source: inkyelbows)

Escaping From the Garden of Meaning Over the Wall

(Source: Condensed Concepts)

Essential plot twists for writers

A Writing Revolution
(Source: Lisa Spiro)

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