Library News & Notes 10/30/09

Rowland Institute at Harvard
Library News & Notes
October 30, 2009

Quote of the Week

“The real point of honor is not to be always right. It is to dare to propose new ideas.” P.G. de Gennes
(Source: materion)

Internet Sites of the Week


E-Books: Formats and Future
See also: The E-Reader Explosion: A Cheat Sheet
(Source: inkyelbows)

Is Book Sharing Really a Threat to Publishing?
(Source: Digital Koans)

Latest battle in book price wars

A Look at the Vook

Making your bookshelves Google searchable

(Source: Erika McNeil)

Most People Use the Web to Talk to People Nearby

Safari Books Online 6.0: A Cloud Library as an alternate model for ebooks
(Source: John Dupuis)

Serving Literature by the Tweet
(Source: nytimesbooks)

Why you probably should NOT buy an e-reader this year

(Source: Library Web)

Computers and Internet

The Apple Momentum
(Source: Eric Rumsey)

Augmented Reality Shows Funding Near You
(Source: John Reaves)

Become a PowerPoint Power User
(Seen on Twitter: “Power corrupts, and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.”

Celebrating 40 years of the net
(Source: ScienceSoWhat)

Compile Software from Source Code

Create an RSS Feed for any website
(Source: Robin Good)

EFF opens the “Takedown Hall of Shame”

Firefox 3.5.4 closes security holes

Five Things You Should Know About Upgrading From XP to Windows 7
See also: Hasta la Vista, baby: Ars reviews Windows 7
See also: Lifehacker’s Complete Guide to Windows 7
(Source: Beyond the Black Stump)

Google’s Eric Schmidt on What the Web Will Look Like in 5 Years
(Source: Sharon Hayes)

Helping Grandpa Get His Tech On
(Source: Teri Vogel)

How to Carry Your Office on a Stick (USB Flash Drive)

iPhone 3GS vs Droid: How Do They Really Stack Up?
(Source: Om Malik)

Netbooks Are Only Part of The Solution

The one where we invent the best search engine ever

Time Travel with Augmented Reality
(Source: twitt_AR)

When the Internet Over Reacts

Why open clouds are more important than open phones

5 Ways to Get Free Tech Advice Online
(Source: Beyond the Black Stump


Parting Glance: Roy DeCarava, 1919-2009


Allston shouldn’t suffer on Harvard’s account

Are College E-Mail Addresses on the Way Out?

Did Harvard Sell At the Bottom?
(Source: Harvard in the News)

Dreams of Better Schools

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Reports Unexpected Surplus

(Source: HarvardTweets)

Hip Hop Law
(Source: Peter Scott)

Inequality goes to college
(Source: Chronicle of Higher Education)

Is Your ‘Fiscal Crisis’ Real?

The Kids Are All Right

Most College Students To Take Classes Online by 2014

New Law To Help University Finances

On hiring

Queer Student Groups Seek Unity

Steady as She Goes? Three Generations of Students through the Science and Engineering Pipeline

(Source: DocuTicker)


Google Music Search goes live
(Source: raduboncea)

Google Rolls Out New Custom Search Features, Including Wikipedia Integration
(Source: Robin Good)

Google’s new Social Search surprisingly useful

If you’re Googled and the search results are zero, do you exist?

New Google Maps GPS for smartphones spooks competitors

Opinion: Proposed Google book settlement leaves libraries’ rights in question
(Source: Digital Koans)

The Untapped Potential of Google Earth

Why Google Should Fear the Social Web

(Source: Om Malik)

11 years of Google squished into 2 minutes
(Source: digicmb)


Harvard Halloween Shopping, Uncovered

Science activities for Halloween!

Top 10 Halloween Movies

Where do ghosts come from?

12 Awesome Social Media Halloween Pumpkin Carvings
(Source: HarvardSocial)

25 of the Scariest Science Experiments Ever Conducted
(Source: Tweed)

Health and Medicine

Age and Aging

Covering Health Issues
For journalists, but good general health information
(Source: Donna Cohen)

Forty Years’ War: A Place Where Cancer Is the Norm

Health Care Might Be Ripe for Cloud Computing

Medical Education Evaluated With Twitter
(Source: BoraZ)

OpenTable for Docs Expands to D.C., Other Cities

Over 400 Hospitals use Social Media
(Source: laikas)

Treating H1N1: the innovation behind the science
See also: A Song to Thwart the Flu

A TRIP Down Database Lane: A Talk With Jon Brassey
“Turning reseach into practice” – evidence-based medicine

Visiting your doctor online is a virtual reality
(Source: John Reaves)


The Accessibility Parodox
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

Best of ResourceShelf
(Source: Jane Dysart)

Columbia and Cornell Libraries Announce ‘Radical’ Partnership

Do Law Schools Still Need Academic Law Librarians to Support Faculty Scholarship in This New Cash-Strapped Digital Age?

Faculty Voices Library Unease

How to Print a Document at the COD Library While Avoiding the Zombie Horde
(Source: amndw2)

How To Track Your Library’s Social Media Stats
(Source: Xuemei)

IL2009: Information Overload is the Devil

Library 101
(Source: Erika McNeil)

Library 101 and Getting Deeply Local: videos

Mass cuts state aid to libraries
(Source: taxonomylady

Micro Interactions, Conversations, & Customers: Sweet Tweet Strategies

Moving Beyond Citation Analysis: How Surveys and Interviews Enhance, Enrich, and Expand Your Research Findings

(Source: ALA_ACRL)

My own personal “Chemistry Week”
(Source: Bonnie Swoger)

People Sleeping in Libraries
(Source: srharris19)

Review Almost 5000 Tweets from Internet Librarian 2009

School chooses Kindle; are libraries for the history ‘books’?
(Source: Sarah Kirby)

those people you hate at the library

Life, Family, Work, Money

Any Mini Mentoring Manifestoes Out There?
See also: Old Mentoring Model Replaced by Reciprocal Relationship
See also: Related articles
(Source: thehrgoddess)

Asperger’s at work: Why I’m difficult in meetings
(Source: Sloan Work & Family Research Network)

Clothing design, sales and swaps find a home online

Do you keep postponing necessary change?
(Source: thehrgoddess)

Don’t Forget To Use the Phone

The Fashionable Academic
(Source: modernscientist)

From Biologist to Life Coach

Get Started Tips to Navigate Post-Recession, Pre-Recovery Flexible Downsizing
(Source: Sloan Work & Family Research Network)

Getting It Wrong: Surprising Tips on How to Learn

Getting Started with Disruptive Business Design

Group of Popular Girls Reduces Nation to Tears
(Source: Chris Fike)

How to Stop “Mean Girls” in the Workplace
(Source: MassWomen)

How to work a conference, even before it starts
(Source: MassWomen)

Kierkegaard on the Couch
(Source: Steve Silberman)

The Massachusetts Economy – What’s Next?

The Process
(Source: Carol Phillips)

The “secret sauce” of networking
(Source: thehrgoddess)

Shrinking business: Recession boosts demand for counseling, but cuts ability to pay

Social Learning – Highlights
(Source: HarvardSocial)

Sweet Deals in the Square

Tame the Tween Texting Beast with a Great Parent/Child Contract

Toss Your Resume in the Trash and Tell Employers Your Story

‘Unfair or Deceptive’ Credit Card Practices Continue as Americans Wait for New Reforms to Take Effect

Using Layoff News to Find Job Openings

Will There Be Jobs For The Class Of 2010?
(Source: Heather Huhman)

Women’s Rights in the Human Rights System: the Past, Present and Future
See also: Ending gender inequality in the developing world: the moral battle of the 21st century?
(Source: New York Review of Books)

Work, unplugged: Connected to the office 24/7? Break free from the digital leash
(Source: Cali Williams Yost)

10 best jobs for college students
(Source: Heather Huhman)

13 questions to test potential companies are a good fit for you

(Source: Heather Huhman)

50 office-speak phrases you love to hate
(Source: Gretchen Rubin)

Scholarly Publishing

BU Digital Common
(Source: Peter Scott)

The DeepDyve Initiative: Something Innovative This Way Comes in Sci/Tech Publishing
(Source: Andrew Spong)

Haiku for “The Spirit of Open Access”
(Source: American Scientist Open Access Forum)

Medical Researchers Resort To File Sharing To Get Access To Journal Research
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

The Next-Gen Repository: Part II
(Source: DigitalKoans)

Open Access – Harvard’s success story with Robert Darnton
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

On Open Access
(Source: Grace Baynes)
See also: What is the (Real) Cost of Open Access?
See also: Will Open Access inhibit innovation?
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

Q&A Session With Five OA Publishers
(Source: SPARC Open Access Forum)

The Right to Information Access
(Source: Michael Furlough)

Scholarly Communications: Planning for the Integration of Liaison Librarian Roles
(Source: Digital Koans)

Throwing Open the Doors: Strategies and Implications for Open Access
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)


Advancing the laser: SPIE honors breakthroughs, applications, possibilities
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

African Science Feels the Pinch

Around the Schools: Harvard Medical School
New profile database, Catalyst, and Grant Central

Bacteria power micro-ratchet
Rowland’s Howard Berg is quoted.

Brain responds to human voice in one fifth of a second

Cellular secrets exposed in living color

A Conversation with Nobel Women
See also: Winners of women-in-life-sciences award announced

eCAT: Online electronic lab notebook for scientific research

Energy Dept. Aid for Scientists on the Edge

Fewer Scientists, Not More, Says a New Paper

A group of galaxies has been seen at a record distance from Earth

Head in the clouds: Re-imagining the experimental laboratory record for the web-based networked world

Innovation More Critical Than Ever
See also: Outlooks and issues for the biotechnology sector

Integrated Genome Browser software for distribution and exploration of genome-scale datasets

The Laboratory at Harvard
(Source: Harvard Gazette)

A Life Lived Backwards

The many hats of science

Nobels Prizes and Corporate Labs
(Source: genomepop)

The Open Laboratory 2009
(Source: BoraZ)

Physical scientists will apply laws of physics in cancer fight

Returning to Science

Science enters the age of Web 2.0
(Source: dullhunk)

SEAS grad student wins award for fuel cell research

(Source: Linda Turner Stern)

Scientists are first to observe the global motions of an enzyme copying DNA

Sensor to detect fear pheromone
(Source: raduboncea)

Ten Simple Rules Collection

UMass Boston Announces New “Science in a Changing World” Grad Program

4000 Years of Women in Science
See also: Women in Science (European Commission Research)
(Source: sciencegoddess)

Why Does Public Transport Not Arrive on Time? The Pervasiveness of Equal Headway Instability

(Source: BoraZ)

Social Networks

Avoid twitter cluelessness
(Source: HarvardSocial)

Be Wrong
(Source: careerdiva)

Brizzly makes Twitter a Breeze!
(Source: iBraryGuy)

Coming together for those who have split
(Source: Matthew Fraser)

Community Relations 2.0
(Source: Sametz)


Dynamic Sharing

Do We Really Need So Many Kinds of Social Media?

(Source: glambert)

Gartner Says 80 Per Cent of Enterprise Collaboration Platforms Will Primarily Be Based on Web 2.0 Techniques by 2013

God twitters creation
(Source: laikas)

Hacks hooked on Facebook

Historical Tweets
(Source: raduboncea)

How a Solo Gained More than 600 Facebook Fans for His Fledgling Firm
(Source: Kevin O’ Keefe)

How to control social media
(Source: The Shifted Librarian

How-To: Influence Influencers- Bloggers, Tweeters & Others

(Source: Library Web)

Hyping social media is a fad. Using social media is not
(Source: John Dupuis)

Lawyers warn: Bosses who ‘friend’ are begging to be sued
(Source: Law Librarian Blog)

New social network founded by HLS alum
(Source: HarvardSocial)

The Next Wave in Social Media
(Source: HarvardSocial)

Should You Be Tweeting?
Cell magazine interviews several tweeting scientists
(Source: girlscientist)

State of the Blogosphere 2009

Tweeting Back @ Harvard

Tweetply – Track popular tweets with a lot of replies
(Source: Sharon Hayes)

Twitter Lists You Should Follow
(Source: raduboncea)

Twitter Users Most Followed by the Web 2.0 Summit Crowd
(Source: refervescent)

What if Microsoft had invented Twitter?
(Source: laikas)

What’s the social semantic web?
(Source: EvidenceSoup)


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