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A recent Crimson article discussed the popularity of the Harvard Twitter feed, as well as sampling some tweets from people on campus. No Harvard librarians mentioned, nor did a recent panel (convened by Harvard’s ABCD – Social Media User’s Group) include any librarians as speakers. There are several of us Harvard librarians and libraries on Twitter, however, and this post highlights some that are known to me. (A comprehensive listing and stream of Harvard tweeters was set up by David J Malan’s CS50 course.) (Harvard affiliates can add their Twitter accounts to this site.)

George Clark, Environmental Research Librarian at Lamont Library, posts about environmental issues, sustainability, alternative energy and government information. He also penned an article on environmental research using Twitter for Environment magazine.

Michelle Pearse, Librarian for Open Access Initiatives & Scholarly Communication at Harvard Law School Library writes about open access publishing (particularly in law and related fields,) new publishing formats and initiatives, and new technology. Michelle organized the Harvard Open Access Week events on October 19 and 23 and live tweeted them.

Berkman co-director and Harvard Law School Library Director John Palfrey, author of Digital Natives, among other works, tweets on youth and social media and intellectual property concerns in the digital environment, as well as events at the Law Library and Berkman. (Also see John’s blog (for discussions longer than 140 characters.)

Widener Library‘s Head of Resource Sharing, Tom Bruno, shares links and commentary on library-related topics such as the future of libraries and new formats such as e-books, as well as documenting the evolution of his serial novel Confessions of a Gourmand, and bemoaning Red Sox losses.

Kennedy School librarian Abby Clobridge tweets about libraries, education and the online world, software and social networking questions.

Loeb Music Library, Kennedy School Library, and the Harvard Law School Library all have Twitter feeds, through which they share information on new resources and events of interest to their communities. Librarians and libraries also answer questions posted within their user group, post queries themselves, and have either set up Twitter lists of individuals with shared interests or have been included in such lists.

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