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New paper by Trapped Ions Group


Rowland’s Trapped Ions Group has a new paper on fluorescence
measurements of trapped gas-phase biomolecules.  (Harvard
affilates follow this link)

“Emerging frontiers in the physical sciences”


The latest issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
contains a number of papers on trends in physics and mathematics.

Chirality paper by Ghosh and Fischer


Rowland’s Chiro-optical Spectroscopy and Chiral Discrimination group have published a PRL paper, “Chiral molecules split light.”

Update 11/2/06: Also see the Physical Review Focus article

Update 11/9/06: PhysicsWeb has a brief piece on the experiment.

Editors dissatisfied with BioMed Central


According to a news story in the Scientist, many editors of BioMed
Central journals are dissatisfied with the publisher, irked
particularly about increasing author page charges.  (source: David

Museum posts complete scholarly output


The American Museum of Natural History Library announces the
digitization of the museum’s roster of scientific
publications.   They are freely available and searchable
through a DSpace platform.  (Source: American Scientist Forum)

RSS feeds for (some) ACS journals


The American Chemical Society has RSS feeds for the A-pages of
Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Science and Technology, Journal of
Proteome Research and Chemical & Engineering News. (Source; ACS

Nature magazine has a podcast


Nature now features a weekly podcast that includes highlights from the magazine.  It also has an RSS feed. 

Physics Today classification of research


Physics Today includes a section on its home page, Research
Today.  You can choose from a number of categories (applied
physics, nanoscale science, biomolecules, etc.) and see links to the
most recent papers from AIP, APS, IOP journals and the arXiv. 
(Source: PAMNET-L)

American Journal of Physics augments backfile


Now subscribers can search and browse AJP content dating back to 1933. 



The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has feeds for its library of journals. 

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