• For website owners and operators…


    You add content to your website, like you normally do.


    Amber operates in the background, automatically preserving a copy of each outgoing link in your content.


  • You can preserve links for
    a more robust web


    If the link is up, your website looks and feels as usual. Nobody will even know Amber is there.


  • Use your web space to
    keep hyperlinks alive


    But if the link were to ever go down, your website will provide your visitors with access to the preserved link.


    There is no need for your visitors to download anything. It all just happens seamlessly and automatically.



    Mobile compatibility provides all visitors with the ability to view preserved links.

about link rot

Hyperlinks are impermanent and often unreliable. How many times have
you clicked a link only to find a 404 (Not Found) error? Or followed
a citation to find the original content missing?

Whether the cause of failed hyperlinks is due to DDoS attacks,
censorship, or just plain old everyday link rot, dead links continue to
be a problem for Internet users everywhere.


percent of links in
court decisions
are dead 1


Wikipedia articles contain
external links 2

This isn’t a new problem. Some centralized initiatives, such as the
Internet Archive and, are attempting to take snapshots
of and preserve the Internet.

We think it’s time for web servers all around the Internet to get involved.

What Amber does

What Amber does

Amber is a tool for website owners and administrators to safeguard the promise
of the URL, or “Uniform Resource Locator”: that information placed online can
remain there, even amidst network or endpoint disruptions.

By automatically storing a mirror of every page linked to on a website,
Amber provides visitors to the website recourse if links go dead.

These mirrors are stored safely in the local storage space of the website or server.
If one of the pages linked to on this website were to ever go down,
Amber has stored and can provide visitors with access to a mirrored version.



Install the Amber plugin on your Content Management System or web server.



Configure the storage and delivery preferences to fit the needs of your website.



Amber automatically preserves a copy of each outgoing link in your content.


Save the Day

If a link goes down, your website will provide your visitors with access to the preserved link.

get amber

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is currently recruiting
websites to run Amber in a soft beta.

If you are interested in putting Amber to work for your website…