Raw notes from ‘Responsive web design in the real world’

Yesterday I stopped in to a Harvard W3 Group meetup on responsive design. Here are some raw notes, which means they’re unorganized & may contain errors, etc.


Speaker, Evan Gerber, from Fidelity Investments
Twitter: https://twitter.com/evangerber


“Don’t do it just because it’s mobile.”


Long term convergence. Start responsive web, native apps are icing.


Proto.io for quick prototyping. Also, Pop, & http://resizemybrowser.com


Know your users, Survey Monkey, find out what devices users actually use. Include questions on wireless carriers, experiences differ between carriers.


Segment research: PEW, Molly ?, more?


Persona design (example people who might use your site), even some might help.


Stop saying ‘CLICK’


Design functionality into components, choose to include/exclude components based on persona device.


Print out existing websites, mark them up & innovate.


Add geotagging.


Yay, sketching! Sketch mobile first, interesting.


Content decision: have less content for mobile -or- click to reveal.


Think about touch interactions to normal pages, e.g., swipe for next page, etc.


Mentioned Boston local Mat Marquis ( https://twitter.com/wilto )


NPR built their own responsive tech named Cope. Same content, different form on different devices. Will likely display correctly on your Opera Wii browser.


Total control over pixels it’s hard. Large iPad magazine app builder had trouble keeping up with different formats of all the different zines.


Sketches to code. Build in code, do it yourself. If you can’t, collaborate often.


“Jaded by agile as a UX guy.” Agile is like building a tree one leaf at a time. “Lean UX” is a better term. Iterative design.


Collaborative design with all involved beats documentation.


Check out: http://www.lukew.com



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