Sunday, March 23rd, 2008...3:05 am

Hulu Experience

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I discovered how ‘hulu’ can be an alternate to the TV I usually watch. It is like having a TiVo with less advertisement but limited options. It is fun though to watch a clip of certain show which you normally would not watch the full length.

It has some old cartoons and movies like Pink Panther, which is classically refreshing. These are some of the shows I have watched :

SNL: Great as usual, watch the clips.

Bionic women: A little over done and silly science with many loop holes, yet interesting to watch and follow – do not anticipate in this series a lot, rumor has it that this show has been cancelled

Pretender: I have watched its reruns on TNT before, so I just wanted to see first season. It can be boring for a lot of people as it is quite slow, and the genius guy thinks that everyone else is too dumb including the audience..:)

Total Recall: I used to watch that show- cannot remember what happened on it though… got overridden by other memory I guessJ Anyways, this show is interesting but too dark and dry for many people.

Simpson: Old time favorite.

…. And more as time allows…

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