Sunday, March 30th, 2008...6:36 am

Sponge Bob Square Pants and positive psychology

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I am a huge fan of sponge bob sqaure pants since I started watching it with Maryam when she was not even one year old; she loved it too.

Apart from sharp yet simple jokes of the show, I admire SB’s phyolosophy of life. With a little bit of irony, it shows indeed the true positive psychology – be happy~

I sometimes wish we could be more like SB, leading a simple an enjoyable life without worrying about aesthetic and material standards of life – Oh Well! my daughter laughes crazily on sponge bob’s activities and I try to skip isles in every departmental store where SB resides when I am with my daughter.¬†SB’s creators’¬†positive psychology is indeed making millions from the kids going nuts over SB’s charachter products. BTW my daughter did not learn to call us anything for a long time , but she did say sum bob before that. Lets just be positive:)

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