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No one gets justice in Pakistan, victim or defendent!!

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Acid attack victim gets surgery, but not justice

Summary: bid was at home when his teacher splashed acid through a window in his bedroom. The incident took place in the summer of 2002 when he was only 14. Abid couldn’t react immediately, but my other two children who were in his room identified the teacher since they went to the same madrassah,’ explains Haroon.

It was after the incident that Abid revealed to his parents that the qari had been involved in sexual abuse of students at his madrassah in Orangi Town that Abid was witness to. When the teacher approached Abid, not only did he warn him to stay away, but threatened that he would soon lodge a complaint against his teacher at the local police station. ‘But before that could happen, the qari decided to teach my son a lesson.’ Abid lost both his eyes in the incident and doctors said he sustained about 69 per cent burn wounds on his face, neck and chest.

Although a case against the qari was registered at the Mominabad Police Station, Orangi Town, and the teacher was arrested, he is yet to be tried in the court of law for want of evidence. ‘The eyewitnesses in this case, Haroon’s two children, are still minors in the eyes of law and their statement cannot be accepted,’ explains social worker, Muhammad Ali of Roshni Helpline, who has been assisting the family since 2002.

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I condemn whoever did this horrifying brutality on a young kids, and pedophiles should be locked up away for life or the best if have enough evidence, should be *put down*. We should not allow animals to live among us in our society.

Yet, the above article makes me wonder how come our judicial system was able to detain a guy without trial and not  proven guilty (with low evidence) for five years in prison!! It may be a great system if only guilty had been seeing the air of prison awaiting a trial or bail? Many innocent people suffer because of that, victim as well as the guilty both deserve a speedy trial. Our detectives are so lame, and our forensic technology is so lame, that I am sure police could not have been able to verify *minors* stories and accusation. when there are enough minors to reports the similar events, there becomes enough circumstantial evidence to indite someone.

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