Article Summary: “Marketing Malpractice” by Christensen et al

December 12, 2008 | Comments Off on Article Summary: “Marketing Malpractice” by Christensen et al

This is a summary I have written for the article “Marketing Malpractice”, originally as part of my Harvard Innovation and Business Transformation class assignment.

Marketing professionals should understand how their clients live their lives and create relevant products that solve their problems and meet their needs. Customers buy products for a reason, they often have a job that needs to get done but the job is often oblivious to marketers. By understanding the job and improving a product’s social, functional and emotional dimension so it does the job better, companies can build brands that are tightly associated with a job – a purpose brand. A clear purpose brand guides customers to the right product and guides the company to further improve on features that are relevant to the job, it builds brand equity over tme. Advertising clarifies the nature of the job and reminds customers they have a job to get done, but advertising itself does not build brands.


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