Excellent advisors can help you draft complex strategies to protect your assets, manage your cashflows and provide high value strategic advice. Mediocre advisors on the other hand only want your commissions and often encourage you to take positions that don’t serve you any good.

Because of how “secretive” the private banking industry is, it is not easy for outsiders to understand what goes on behind the scene: what the industry really looks like, who are the clients, how banks charge fees etc. Many clients come across private banking for the first time when they are approached by a salesperson working on behalf of the banks and clients often have very limited reliable information besides the marketing materials published by¬† banks themselves. Reliable third party information is hard to come by.

If you want to know how the private banking world operates, I highly recommend “Global Private Banking and Wealth Management” by David Maude. I have read extensively on the subject and Maude’s book is one of the best private banking books available in the market. A special feature makes this book a must-have for wealth management professionals and private banking clients alike: the number of insider information and charts that belong to McKinsey – where Maude once worked. You may be able to get a ballpark figure of the industry, but Maude’s book provides a lot of quantitative analysis. These types of information is only available for consulting clients who spend at least hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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  1. MOHAMMED A.ALAM on October 6, 2009 8:53 am

    Is this book available in Amazon?

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