About Me

I am a financial professional, author and Harvard alumni.  I have worked for various top tier investment banks and fundraising organizations, through work and play,  I met many financial advisors and HNWIs (high net worth individuals).  As I expand my personal and professional network, I realized that many people are not familiar with how private banking works, therefore, they either listen to unscrupulous advisors and buy many services they don’t really need, or act on “free advice” from well intentioned friends that turn out to be very expensive.

I have worked, studied and lived in more than 20 cities, and believe that traveling inspires me more than almost anything else I do.

About This Site

The site is an independent online publication specializes in the financial sector. We profile financial professionals, compare investment alternatives and educate the public on financial issues. We help them to research on key topics – off shore banking options, asset allocations, alternative investments, and estate planning.

We have access to thousands of business and academic journals, industry periodicals, conference transcripts, newspaper archives and wealth management professionals. While it may take you months and cost you thousands of dollars to subscribe to different databases and consult different professionals to filter out useful, actionable information, we will help you summarize content for free.

We avoid any conflicts of interest by refusing to accept advertisements from any financial institutions.

Our readers

Our readers are high net worth individuals and families from different parts of the world. Our readers are typically sophisticated, successful self-made entrepreneurs and professionals. They have strong desire to take action regarding their wealth.

Your goal is to grow your assets and build a secure future for you and your family. Many advisors out there are commissioned sales persons who have a target to meet every month, they try to convince you to buy services and products that you don’t need. We do not accept any payment from companies, advisers, hedge funds, private equities, issuers, banks or any other financial institutions. Therefore, all our research and recommendations are unbiased. While information given to you by your adviser may look good at first glance, it is extremely important to seek a second, unbiased opinion. We have helped many individuals with limited knowledge of private banking to understand their options and find the best firms and advisers that suit their unique situation.

Discretion and Confidentiality
You can feel secured that we will not disclose your identity to any individuals or institutions. Your discretion is guaranteed.

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way. The information in this Web site does not constitute an offer.

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samlam AT post.harvard.edu