I Walk This Lonely Road…

My path

I have found that I have been asked to “reflect” quite a bit in my HGSE classes, to the point where some of my classmates, who shall remain nameless, have come up some colorful retorts to the idea. I like to think of reflection from both outer and inner realms. I am using these class reflections as reminders to take a step back and reflect on the path I have set out to create during my time in Cambridge.

One of the songs to which I can relate is Green Day’s 2004 hit and Grammy winner “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”This song captured the essence of taking the road less traveled and the antagonistic role that loneliness than play in one’s life. I related to it as I was changing career paths, against the advice of practically everyone I knew.


Green Day Single Cover (Wiki)

Green Day Single Cover (Wiki)

For those not familiar with the song, here a few bars:

I walk this lonely road

The only one that I have ever known

Don’t where goes

But it’s home to me

and I walk alone

I used this song as a source of strength and took pride in my willingness to walk the path alone, as I have done on many occasions, much to the chagrin of family, friends, and classmates.

I listened to this song play as I drove miles in Houston traffic from one college to another, sometimes admittedly as a pity party to myself, but overall, I found it cathartic, thriving on a sense of independence and solace.  Slowly I am beginning to appreciate collaboration and the need to be gregarious at times. Maybe I won’t be walking a lonely street soon enough…


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