LSAT Prep Courses

JY and I started 7Sage to make quality legal education accessible, particularly the economically disadvantaged.

The first step to doing this is at the point of entry – making sure that students with drive and determination can get into a good law school, regardless of whether or not they can afford expensive tutors or overpriced in-person classes.

How have we been doing this?

We give out free explanations for every LSAT logic game ever released.  You can dig into every logic game and see how you should approach it.  Logic games is the hardest part of the test for many people, but it is very learnable.  Especially with videos that explain exactly how to approach each one 🙂

We also let anyone use our LSAT Analytics tool that scores and analyzes your answers.  Whatever method you are using to study, making full use of practice tests is vital to doing well.  By analyzing what you did right and wrong in previous tests, using Blind Review, and finding out what percentage of people picked each answer, you squeeze every drop of improvement from each practice test.

We have the best and most affordable LSAT course available anywhere.  Whereas most LSAT courses run $500-2000, our courses start from just $179.  As of the date of this post, 7Sage lsat courses have an average 4.99 out of 5 star rating over a 191 reviews.

Legal education should be accessible, and we’re determined to make it happen.

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Liberating legal education