Voice Search Optimization – 2020 Fortune 500 Trend



It takes a few years after everyone says something is coming, before it really comes. 2020 is the year when voice search optimization is finally more than a trending concept. For example, digital marketing leaders like Jonathan Poston are implementing voice search optimization campaigns for large clients, as you can note in his LinkedIn post on voice seo here.


In that post, a few voice search stats were noted from a backlinko research piece: Nearly 50% of U.S. adults use voice search, more than that for teens. 20% of Google mobile queries are voice search. 25% of all Windows 10 desktop searches are done via voice. 


In 2020, corporations are acting on what Niraj Dawar noted in his article, Marketing In the Age of Alexa that was published back in 2018 in the Harvard Business Review. That article noted that, “AI assistants will transform how companies connect with their customers. They’ll become the primary channel through which people get information, goods, and services, and marketing will turn into a battle for their attention.”


This shift in people finding what they need by voice search has created massive innovations in software development, NLP, etc. , but because voice search requires queries, search optimization comes heavily into play in terms of what exact phrases are used. In some ways voice search optimization is driving what the voice query phrase database is going to be, and over time, voice seo research continues adding in new keyword queries as awareness builds and the queries become more nuanced and long tail. 


For example, a familiar keyword command for local voice search might be, “what is the best place for a burrito near me.” Then next command may be a “take me there” instruction to a maps app. 


While early adopters that can move fast, like start-ups, have already began implementing best practices for voice search, large corporations are just now getting around to really optimizing their websites for voice search. Here is a link to voice search optimization best practices for Fortune 500 companies to keep in mind. 


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