Feminist Pakistani Poets response


I loved the reading “We Sinful Women”, as it gave me a chance to see the women who were fighting for their rights in other parts of the world. Women throughout the world still face so much oppression, though in different places, the battles are over different disagreements. I am well versed in the issues that face women in America, but until this reading did not know at all what the women in Pakistan were up against. I also recognize that there are intersectional problems, in which people face many sorts of interconnected oppression.

I found the photos online of the poets we read and connected them to the kind of feminism we recognize in America. I put Sara Shagufta’s face on a picture of Kathleen Hanna, who is a large representative of the current third wave feminism. I put the Manifesta symbol, of the feminist magazine at Harvard, in the middle of these pictures. I mostly wanted to show that we women may face different obstacles, but can come together to fight them.

I recognize that in colonized parts of the world feminism is rejected as a western ideal. I did not want to overwrite their stories with ours. I want to show the shared interest of giving Fahmida Riaz a larger microphone, and a larger platform to voice her opinion and effect change. I hope this picture shows our combined interests and how we can work together to end oppression rather than the cultural domination and appropriation that western feminism can seem like in other parts of the world.

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