The Beggar’s Strike Response

beggars strike

I painted this picture in response to The Beggar’s Strike. The story details the struggle of men in power trying to get rid of the disabled, ugly beggars but then realizing that they need them to fulfill their obligation to give charity. The beggars now have their own community and are receiving a lot of alms on their own and are doing really well, but Mour needs to convince them to come back. I drew an arch with many symbols of disability to symbol how the city is built up by the less capable, and that giving to them really fosters a sense of community, and allows people to complete their duties of helping the less fortunate. Mour is in the middle and I gave him a helpless look on his face, to reflect his feelings in the beginning and in the end of the story. In the beginning his arms are out to push away the beggars, but later he needs to reach out his hands and bring them back. I liked this story’s ironic way of teaching lessons, and the message portrayed that even when it may seem difficult, it’s beneficial to you and those around you to help the less fortunate, and that you should do so for real reasons and not just to gain power.

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