Unveiling Scheherazade Response

the veil

There are so many similarities in the fight to end sex discrimination in the east and the west, yet when the west tries to help the east, they do so in patronizing ways. They assume that the east cannot do their own civil rights work, that Islam is to blame for sexism in the west, and that the most important thing to get rid of in the east that is hindering all equality is the veil. This assumption ignores that many women want to wear the veil, and the many different reasons for wearing it. Placing this much attention on this one aspect, creates a lot of divide between the east and west, and reinforces the idea that the west isn’t listening to the east. I made a map of the world and divided Europe and America (the west) from Africa and Asia (the east), and you can’t really tell from the picture but there is black clothe in between the continents to represent how divisive this issue is, over something as unimportant as clothing (or in this case just one of my sweaters!). Feminists and activists need to listen to what different regions, classes, races, etc. need in the fight to end oppression and worked based on that, together, to create powerful change.

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