Mesh News Knight Grant


Long-time OLPC contributor Todd Kelsey recently submitted a proposal to the Knight Grant Challenge and has made it through to the second round!  This is great news for Todd and for OLPC, because Todd’s project is about expanding journalism, writing and community around OLPC deployments.

Quoth Todd:

Mesh News is an entry on the Knight News Challenge, which has received a request for a full proposal. As of 12:30pm EST on 11-20, the 2000 entries have been narrowed down to around 350, and Mesh news is in 8th place in terms of overall number of views, and dropped from 3rd to 5th place in terms of “ratings”. If it does make it past the full proposal stage to the “final 50”, and then to the “final 20”, I think it could help a few kids out in various parts, provide a bit of employment, and help to get some additional publicity for OLPC.

I invite anyone who is supportive to go to, click on the sign in to comment link underneath the title, register, and then click on the rightmost orange star as you like.

The # of views / ratings don’t determine acceptance, and are quite subject to manipulation (including intentional down-rating), but sincere objective ratings don’t hurt, and a few extra clicks wouldn’t hurt either.

Go G1G1!!!

Please join me in wishing Todd the best of luck!

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