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May 25, 2006 at 11:30 am | In CA-26 | Comments Off on Always check Wikipedia

Well, according to the Wikipedia entry on David Dreier, Russ Warner isn’t the only Democratic challenger in CA-26. Cynthia Matthews, who garnered an impressive 43% to Dreier’s 55% in 2004, seems to be running too, or at least, that’s what her terrible website led me to believe.

Back before firedoglake was firedoglake, she had a great write-up of the campaign on Daily Kos. Outrage over immigration was a major issue in 2004, and is sure to be in 2006.
43% is spectular, considering how much Dreier outspent her, and also considering this: Rep. David Dreier’s challenger says she’s a lesbian, and blasts Dreier’s gay positions

So anyone know if Cynthia is running? And anyone want to help her make a more attractive website?

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